Ventura’s Heavenly Hamburgers.

by Visit Ventura



Today we steer you toward an American classic. And — happy, affordable coincidence — Ventura is home to some of the best burgers you’ll find.

Yep, the hamburger is (rightly) an American icon, though the hamburger possibly traces its lineage back, not to a clown, but to Hamburg, Germany. It is possible that the hamburger, as Americans know it, was invented in Seymour, Wisconsin. Note all the hedging. Truth is, even hamburger scholars are uncertain about the origins of the hamburger. Folks have been eating cooked meat on bread for eons; the association with Hamburg possibly stems from a 1758 recipe for something called “Hamburg sausage.” Though other hamburger historians believe the name comes from the Hamburg American Line, a cruise line that served passengers a hamburger-resembling sandwich in the mid-1800s. Proving one thing for certain. Folks will debate anything.


Social Tap’s Beef and Cheddar Burger

Here in Ventura, there are the obvious burgers stars like In-N-Out and The Habit. But while many would be happy to eat at either of these establishments, say, every day for the rest of their lives, a true burger lover might do a tad more digging. If not, you might miss Rumfish y Vino’s Wagyu Burger (spurn Jenny Craig and add the fried egg). Or any Paradise Pantry burger (so many options, but why not start with The Forager, topped with portobello mushrooms and caramelized shallots, and — yes again — add the roasted poblano chile). The Bombay Bar & Grill’s, well, Bombay Burger will make your day — and, should you be big enough to share, you can order it as two sliders. The tiny Harbor Cove Cafe, at the edge of Ventura Harbor near the end of Spinnaker Drive, has the kind of burger you remember as a kid — and it tastes even better at a sun-splashed picnic table.  Finney’s Crafthouse offers — oh, lordy — the Hickory Barbecue Burger (house-made barbecue) and the Impossible Burger (aptly named, because it doesn’t taste like it’s plant-based). Social Tap — at the end of Seaward Avenue near the beach — serves the delectably drippy Double Royale with Cheese. Just across the street (go ahead, double up — you can do it) Duke’s Bar & Grill has been a long-time local go-to; in part because of their burgers. You haven’t lived until you’ve had the — cleverly named — Whole Ball of Wax. On the east end of town, plenty of locals are already familiar with the burgers at Two Trees Cafe. If you aren’t, introduce yourself. There’s a reason their Classic Cheeseburger is one of their best sellers.

Duke’s Cheeseburger


And — last but not least — thanks for reading to the end, because, even for burger lovers, this may be the most important part.

Whatever restaurants we spotlight — from Thai, to Mexican, to sushi — it’s all the same idea.

Thank you for supporting our Ventura restaurants.

In this case, we raise our burger to you.