Haole’s top spots in Ventura

By Haole

El Niño has brought epic swell to Ventura, and as happy as I am for fellow surfers to be shredding out there, it’s been a little to gnarly for a surfdog! So I’ve enjoyed hanging around our beautiful beach city & figuring out my favorite spots. Ventura just so happens to be an extremely dog friendly community. Even though I should be running around the dog parks I find that I’m checking out cool places to eat & chill with friends.

Here’s two of my top spots

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First, Duke’s Griddle & Grill on Seaward. You’re just steps away from the beach & can enjoy great breakfast on the weekends, & burgers for lunch! Duke’s has a very cool surf themed dining area & bar, not to mention even you’re kids will be entertained with a gaming area- I might add my Dad is addicted to the stuffed animal claw game for special treats for me and Primo, my lil bro! They offer a great dinner menu & you may even catch a live band from time to time on a Friday night.
Second, Topa Topa Brewing Company….what a cool place! Located on Thompson Blvd, just a hop, skip & a jump from the beach. Where else can you choose a fine craft beer, or enjoy a flight, bring your best friend(that would be me!), & hook up with friends?!! They offer inside or outside seating, & you’ll find a variety of food trucks that make their rounds to fill your tummies! Even though I’m not a beer drinker, they do have a water bowl full & ready for us doggies. We’re talkin’ good vibes here my friends!!

I will be continuing my adventures, Happy Spring!
Stay tuned for more of the Ventura life of a Haole, proud Ambassadog!