Posted: Monday, Oct 23rd, 2017

By Visit Ventura

Why Ventura is Ideal for Your Next Microvacation

by Skylar Ryan-Grant

Microvacation. It’s a buzzword that’s gaining traction for good reason. Instead of spending all your vacation days in one fell swoop just to lounge around a pool (unless that’s totally what you’re into), microvacations are highly structured, highly active, mini-vacations lasting only a few days. The benefit is probably already obvious: you get a lot of little vacations to look forward to instead of just one big one. So if you love moving, seeing, exploring, and always anticipating something new, this type of travel is something to try, if you haven’t already. And we have some great news for you. Ventura is already primed for your next microvacation. Just ask the locals, who vacation here every weekend. With our accessible Downtown, Harbor Village, and Beaches, you can leave the sprawling car trip behind and forget being land-locked at the resort. Just hop on a bike or strap on your walking shoes, and you can bounce between activities like a micro-pro. Seriously. Speaking of micro, Ventura is known for its microbreweries and wineries. If you love craft beer or local wines, jump onto one of our sipping tours, the perfect exploratory, action-packed day in any mini-getaway. Want even more variety? Consider doing a food and drink walking tour around Downtown Ventura, or plan your own itinerary at Visit Ventura. We’ve got everything you need for a jam-packed food and drink microvacation. Not a foodie, or ready to do something a little different for your second day? The Channel Islands are the ideal day trip, and we promise you’ll forget all about the office while you’re out there. Island vacations usually get clout as a big excursion–after all, you usually need to sit on a plane for a few hours just to get there. But Island Packers ferries can get you out and hiking in just over an hour. Grab a cup of coffee or a local beer in the galley and spend your boat ride keeping your eyes wide for dolphins and whales, something Island Packers makes a point of seeking out. Kayaking at Channel Islands National Park Out on the islands (a micro-experience in and of itself), you can spend the day hiking the hills, kayaking sea caves, scuba diving kelp forests, or just walking the beaches. Local and natural history abounds on these beautiful islands, and you can pack a ton of vacation into just a few days–and even just a morning and afternoon. Consider camping out for a night for the full microvacation experience (and a full Internet-and-cellphone-free experience). Got kids or multiple ages in your party? We’ve got you covered. Ventura Harbor Village has everything for an all-ages, totally contained daycation. Some of our safest beaches are along the harbor, and all-ages water activities like paddle-boats and stand-up paddle boards are ready to rent. Tons of food, eclectic shops, and activities like the Escape Room are also right there to explore. Be sure to stop in at the Channel Islands Visitor’s Center to play in the interactive exhibit if you won’t be going out to the islands this time–or even if you will. Whether you love food, drink and city life, outdoor adventures, or have the kiddos in tow, Ventura’s got you covered for your microvacation. Check out our website to plan your trip in advance or stop in at our Visitor’s Center when you get here. We’ll make sure you squeeze all you can out of just a few days or even an afternoon. With all to see and do here, we’ll look forward to seeing you on your next microvacation, too.

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