Posted: Thursday, Dec 17th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

A Happy Tale of Art and Business Meshing into Magic on Ventura Avenue

A Happy Tale of Art and Business Meshing into Magic on Ventura Avenue Yes, we are enmeshed in one of the hardest struggles of our lifetime. But beyond the dark headlines, there are so many quiet points of bright, here in Ventura and around the globe. Here’s a happy tale that took place on Ventura Avenue — a happy tale that wrapped up in breathless fashion. But will happily continue on. Let us explain. Businesses everywhere are struggling, and that includes the businesses on Ventura Avenue. So Maribel Hernandez and a handful of others gave it some thought. “COVID-19 made us think about how we could safely connect local artists to support business on the Avenue without community events,” says Hernández, a Ventura artist and the General Manager of Ventura Avenue’s Bell Arts Factory, a humming enclave of local artists (think Picasso beehive). “So we worked with an exciting mix of established and emerging artists and connected them with different Avenue businesses.” Thus the birth of Punto De Intersección (Point of Intersection). Like most great ideas, it’s a simple premise. A Ventura artist pairs with a Ventura Avenue small business; the artist creates a limited edition of their art and the businesses offers the art item to their customers for the art equivalent of a song — and sometimes for free. Patronize El Jarocho Seafood (you’ll be doing yourself a favor) and you would receive a free tote bag designed by Bell Arts Factory’s Young Artist in Residence Angel Villarreal (his pescado imagery is lovely). Custom designed, hand made ceramic bowls by Sara Beckton-Leon (Parlor Room Goods) were free with a minimum purchase from Indian Rasoi. Wander into quaint and cozy Lovewell Tea and Coffee for to go, and a small purchase would see you walk out the door with, appropriately, a one-of-kind coffee mug handmade by ceramicist Patti Keller.
A Happy Tale of Art and Business Meshing into Magic on Ventura Avenue
Note the mix of tenses. Hernandez laughs. “Everybody literally sold out within a couple of days.” But it is not completely too late. You can still get a free limited edition poster “Usa Tú Mascarilla” by artist Sue Franco by simply emailing Hernandez. And you can still buy a soul-stirring work of art — or simply inhale the beauty of art for beauty’s sake. Yes, two of the four hand painted murals (by Sergio Martinéz, Andrew Rodriquez, Lisa Kelly, and Maribel Hernádez) displayed at Restore Ventura (572 N. Ventura Avenue) have already been sold, but two are still available for $400 each, and the proceeds benefit Restore Ventura and Va Por La Avenida. And more good news. Hernandez laughs again, and it’s good to hear a laugh in these times. “This is just the beginning. We have plans to continue. Let’s get creative on how we can help. Maybe it will be a busy year for 2021.” For more information about Point of Intersection, including project photos, artist bios, and locations please click here. And thank you for Supporting Ventura Local, in any way, shape or form. In doing so, you make community an art.

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