Posted: Friday, May 13th, 2022

By Jackie Pearce and Visit Ventura

How Can I See Ventura’s Westside Murals?

Take a Walk on the Wow Side.

Imagine a place in Ventura where, well, imagination knows no bounds. Where it blossoms in a flood of imagination and colors. From murals that depict Ventura’s sea life, to murals that depict sunset lacing across the Ventura Pier (this one’s in a laundromat), to murals that represent the beautiful similarities we all share, to Da Chickens – a host of murals line Ventura Avenue in a child-bright parade.

This handy guide, and an easy walk along Ventura Avenue, showcases a happy kaleidoscope of Ventura art.

Admission, free.

Pura Avenida

Lead Artist: Cynthia Polk
Artist Team: Juan Martinez, Onofre Banderas, Dain Acevedo, Patzy Salazar, Vince Felix plus 50 other local artists!
Brought to the community by: Westside Community Development Corporation and Parks and Rec. Dept
100 Block of Wall Street.

This 600ft long mural started with a conversation with local youth upon the installation of the WCDC’s last mural project, Westside Hillside. From there birthed a commitment to create a high profile mural involving our marginalized and disenfranchised young people of the community. Together, the WCDC, the Parks and Rec Dept and our Pura Avenida Mural Team worked on this project from concept to finish for 18months. Nearly 60 different artists and community members participated in this project. 

Under the Sea

Artist: Juan Martinez
Sponsored by Maria Popoca, Celeste Beauty
350 N Ventura

Owner Maria Popoca wanted something beautiful and found herself with Juan Martinez’ creation inspired by Pollinators.

Pollinator Series: Bumble Bees, Hummingbirds, Butterflies

Artist: Lisa Kelly
Sponsored by Tom Olson, Avenue Center
2 W Mission, 2 W Harrison

Lisa Kelly collaborated this idea with Jackie Pearce — she loves painting critters and with the help of the children and adults in the community was able to complete this beautiful piece.

Tradición Universal

Artist: Rolando Sigüenza
Sponsored by WCDC & Bell Arts Factory
407 N Ventura

WCDC’s first mural! With funding from WCDC, Bell Arts Factory, the city, and Art Walk, Mexico City’s world renowned, Rolando Siguenza was invited to create this mural with assistance from local artists Uriel Leon and MB Hanrahan. “This mural represents the similarities found in all cultures: family, faith and the rhythm of nature.”


Artist: MB Hanrahan
Sponsored by Josh Addison, Bell Arts Factory
432 N Ventura

Arte y Cultura

Artist: MB Hanrahan
Sponsored by Josh Addison, Bell Arts Factory
432 N Ventura

Shadow Garden

Artist: MB Hanrahan
Sponsored by Josh Addison, Bell Arts Factory
432 N Ventura


Artist: MB Hanrahan
Wall St & Prospect

Westside Stories

Artist: Richard Carradine
Sponsored by WCDC
480 N Ventura


Artist: Michele Foster & Students
Sponsored by Panaderia Herrera
480 N Ventura

Ventura Sunset & Sea Life

Artist: Lisa Kelly
Sponsored by Ola’s
505 N Ventura

Da Chickens

Artist: Lisa Kelly
Sponsored by Gerardo, Restore Garden
572 N Ventura

Stay Golden

Artist: Andrew Rodriguez
Sponsored by Gerardo, Restore Ventura
591 N Ventura


Artist: Unknown
Sponsored by Property Owner
617 N Ventura

La Virgen

Artist: Uncle Sade
Sponsored by Property Owner
693 N Ventura

Never Forget

Artist: Uncle Sade
Sponsored by Interstate Batteries
693 N Ventura

Westside Hillside

Artist: Cynthia Polk
Sponsored by Property Owner
827 N Ventura

Taquería Ventura

Artist: Andrew Rodriguez
Sponsored by Property Owner
1001 N Ventura

SOHO Kites

Artist: MB Hanrahan
Sponsored by Housing Authority
1150 N Ventura

Westview Community Garden

Photo by Gerardo Gallegos
Artist: Andrew Rodriguez
Sponsored by Housing Authority
995 Riverside St

Joy Garden

Photo by Joy Suarez
Artist: Arin Joy Suarez
Sponsored by Sheridan Way Elementary School Play Yard
573 Sheridan Way

Westside Wonders

Artist: Andrew Rodriguez
Sponsored by Port a Store
330 Park Row

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