A $40 day

by Bennett Cvijanovich

If my mom gave me 40 dollars and told me to go have fun, these would be some of the things I would do.

Movie ($10.75)- I would head downtown to the movie theater and watch a movie with some of my friends.


Snapper Jacks ($10.75)- Right next to the movie theater, Snapper Jacks is a great post movie lunch or dinner. Their tacos and burritos are amazing!

Ventura Harbor ($5.00)- I would grab a skateboard and cruise around Ventura Harbor with my friends and grab an ice cream at coastal cone.


Dinner on the pier ($8.75)- On the pier is a wonderful taco place called Beach House Tacos. The tacos there are amazing!

All with $5 to spare! Gelato at Palermo’s perhaps? Another great day.