Posted: Tuesday, Aug 22nd, 2017

By Visit Ventura

From the beach to the harbor: My Favorite Family Outing

by Faith Cherry

What would my favorite family outing in Ventura be like? My favorite family outing in Ventura would be filled with fun activities through the morning to the night. It would be a fun experience that I think others should enjoy. This is how the day would go. First, my family and I would get up early and go to Surfers Point for a little surfing session. After we all finished surfing we would go to Cafe Nouveau for breakfast on their fabulous patio. Cafe Nouveau is a delicious French cafe that makes their own syrup, it’s delicious! My family loves going there. We would probably be there for about 1-2 hours. We would talk about the fun day ahead of us while we enjoy our wonderful breakfast.After, a delicious breakfast we would probably rest a little and then regroup. After that, we would get ready to go to Golf N Stuff. Golf N Stuff is super fun and I think everyone should go there if they have a chance. At Golf N Stuff we would play a couple of rounds of mini golf and then race go carts. It would be so much fun! We would spend probably around 3-2 hours there. We would also play a bunch of games there like the ones at arcades. I think my whole family would enjoy this because Golf N Stuff has many different activities that everyone can participate in. My dad loves golf, my brother and I love go cart racing, and my mom will do whatever the family wants to do, and who doesn’t love games? My whole family would participate in all of the activities though, that’s what would make the day even better!
From the beach to the harbor: My Favorite Family Outing

Photo by Visit Ventura

Next, we would go to Ventura Harbor Village to eat at The Greek. The Greek is a Greek restaurant with many different types of food. It’s delicious! we would watch the belly dancers that perform there as we ate our great food. I love how Ventura has so many different restaurants from so many different cultures. After a delicious meal at The Greek, my family and I would go to Coastal Cone ice cream shop. It’s my favorite ice cream parlor and it’s really close to The Greek. Lastly, we would watch the sunset as we eat our ice cream. I’ve seen the sunset over the harbor before and it’s so beautiful. It fills the sky with so many different colors such as, purple, pink, orange, red, and blue. The sun reflects off the water and sometimes there are dolphins, it just makes the end of the day perfect. Also, since I’m talking about being in Ventura, there are also a lot of palm trees and they look super cool up against the highlighted sky. That would be my favorite family outing in beautiful Ventura, I think everybody should be able to be with there family and have a wonderful day like this one. I think it’s something everyone can enjoy since there are many different activities involved in this day. I also think that days like these are what bring families closer together, and I believe that is very important.

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