Posted: Thursday, Oct 26th, 2023

By Visit Ventura

10 Reasons to Book a Fall Getaway Trip to Ventura

Header Image by West Cooke

You’ve probably heard the advice from travel agents or your well-traveled friends: book your vacation in the fall! And we couldn’t agree more. The rush of summer has worn off and prices go down. If you’re looking to plan a trip, the fall months are some of the best times to travel. 

And while the leaves begin to turn brown in other parts of the world, our sand stays warm from the California sun. While others bring out their fall coats from the back of the closet, we still have our beach flip-flops by the door. 

Visiting Ventura during the fall time is one of the best (perhaps the best) seasons to enjoy our beaches, oceanside treats, and outdoor adventures. Here’s why you should book a fall getaway trip to Ventura. See you soon!

1. Warm Weather in Ventura During the Fall

Family fun in Ventura at the beach

We aren’t kidding when we say Ventura averages 273 sunny days a year. That’s what beachside life is all about! Hang out by the beach under the California sun while the rest of the country bundles up for the cool fall weather. Visiting Ventura during the fall months means you can still enjoy warmer weather before the winter months hit. So what are you waiting for?

2. Falltime Events: Perfect for the Entire Family

McGrath Great Pacific Pumpkins Patch dog pumpkin photoshoot for Halloween in Ventura

There’s always something going on in Ventura. Whether it’s local artisan markets perfect for some early holiday shopping, fun music festivals on the beach, or other falltime festivities, your itinerary will be packed with plenty of fun. Annual Halloween events occur in Downtown Ventura and the Ventura Harbor Village and are perfect for a family trip. 

3. Fewer crowds, More Fun

downtown shopping girls

The kids are back in school, and the rush of vacationers has ebbed. Less lines, more time to walk around and enjoy at your own pace. No need to worry about getting early for a spot, get there right on time. Because the fall time is not a peak “vacation time,” you won’t have to worry about hotels being booked up or restaurants being filled up. Fewer crowds means less stress and more time for fun and digging into your Ventura bucket list. 

4. Year-Round Outdoor Adventure

Ventura is the ultimate outdoor lover’s playground. Yes, even in the fall! From the mountains to the sea, there is something for everyone. For the thrill seeker: beautiful mountain biking at Harmon Canyon. For the chill, ocean lover: calm and easy beachside bike cruising along the Ventura Promenade. You can still chill out on the beach without needing a jacket or cardigan and grab some fish ‘n’ chips for lunch. Ventura doesn’t have an expiration date on outdoor adventure!

5. Vibrant Ventura Fall Sunsets

Ventura Beach Sunset
Courtesy of Kamilo Bustamante

Ventura sunsets are unlike any place else in the world (though we may be a bit biased). And while every day ends with a beautiful sunset in Ventura, fall sunsets are out of this world. Orange, pinks, purples, yellows, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Wondering where the best vantage point is to watch sunsets? Check out our list here

6. Lower Hotel Rates During the Fall

dog hotel

Visiting during non-peak seasons means hotel rates decrease. Fewer crowds and affordable hotel room rates? It’s a perfect combination. But Ventura has always been about a vacation you can afford. We specialize in budget-friendly hotels and activities (psst a lot of fun activities in Ventura are free!). 

7. Ventura is the Perfect Place to Reconnect Before the Bustle of Winter Holidays

Breweries in Ventura

Have you ever wondered what watching the sunset with your loved ones on a clean, uncrowded beach felt like? Maybe with a craft beer in one hand and a fish taco in another? Ventura is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and reconnect before the busy holiday season kicks in. Unpretentious shopping, flip flops are welcomed, and a little sand in your hair is encouraged!

8. Wildlife Watching During the Fall

dolphin channel islands pakcers ventura harbor nature
Courtesy of Island Packers

Falltime is a great time to hop on an Island Packers Wildlife Cruise to view dolphins, California sea lions, seabirds, and other sea life! Though the official whale-watching season begins in December, there’s always a chance you may see one of the gentle giants out in the water on one of these wildlife cruises. 

9. Enjoy Thanksgiving in Ventura

Restaurants in Ventura: Water's Edge, lobster dinner, thanksgiving

Make it a Thanksgiving vacation where you don’t have to lift a single finger. Many local restaurants stay open on Thanksgiving day and often offer special holiday menus! 

10. Book a Camping Trip on the Channel Islands

Things to Do on Santa Cruz Island: camping
Courtesy of Doug Mangum

As campers return home from camping at the Channel Islands National Park during the summer, fall campsites open up for the falltime camper. And it’s still great weather — the sun is out and the islands don’t suffer from the summer fog that many campers encounter when they visit during June or August.

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