Posted: Monday, Dec 21st, 2020

By Visit Ventura

Ventura’s Restaurants Have Your Christmas Dinner (and Yummy Treats)

  All you take with you is that which you’ve give away. It’s A Wonderful Life Ventura’s restaurants have your Christmas Dinner — and innovative side dishes and yummy desserts — and that can be your gift to them. Everyone is adapting to this unusual Holiday season, and Ventura’s restaurants are too, serving up a host of Christmas dinner offerings that you can take home with you. If you don’t feel like cooking, there are entire dinners ready to go (and if you sneak it out of the containers, you can take the credit). Or maybe let them help you with a side dish or two — or dessert? A little more room on the stove and in the oven, and a Christmas present for your resident pot and pan washer. And, in a season that centers on good, by helping our restaurants you’ll be doing a good thing. On the surface, these are Holidays like any other. But beneath the surface, the Holidays remain the same. Because the roots of the Holiday season — love, and hope, and sharing, and our collective human family — have remained firm through droughts and famines and wars and, yes, pandemics. It’s true, human history has seen plenty of hardships. But it’s also true that many of the values of this special season are the same values that have seen us through. So thank you for loving, hoping, caring and sharing. Thank you for Supporting Local. Thank you for spending your hard-earned dollars to help our Ventura restaurants and businesses. A gift from you, and, though, it’s not the point, a gift for you. Because it truly is better to give than receive. Some restaurants ask that you pick up. Others will deliver to you. Please call the restaurant or check their website for other offerings and specifics on ordering. Important note; most restaurants ask that you please order several days ahead. For more tasty details, please see below the visual teasers. Snickerdoodle Biscuits with Cinnamon Honey Butter Rice Pudding With Rum Raisin Sauce from Cafe Nouveau Beef Filet Mignon from Cafe Zack Gingerbreak Kangaroo Cookies from Frontside Cafe Gourmet Meat and 4 Cheese Lasagna and 8 Hour Braised Short Ribs from Peirano’s DIY Charcuterie Plates from Peirano’s Hot Cocoa Bombs from Cafe Ficelle Galette Des Rois from Cafe Ficelle Chocolate Cream Pie from Cafe Ficelle Pumpkin Pie from Cafe Ficelle Apple Pie from Cafe Ficelle Harvest Cafe One of Ventura’s favorite farm-to-table restaurants, Harvest Cafe has a Holiday Cheesecake special. If you order a whole cheesecake, that leaves the happy possibility of leftovers. Holiday tip; don’t neglect their Gingerbread Granola. Frontside Cafe Frontside Cafe is baking Gingerbread Kangaroo Cookies. Order a few extra; again considering the happy possibility of leftovers. Cafe Ficelle Cafe Ficelle is baking pies, pies, pies: Apple, Pumpkin, Chocolate Cream, Galette des Rois (a tasty French treat). You should volunteer to pick them up. Why? Because Cafe Ficelle is selling hot cocoa bombs in store on Christmas Eve. Peirano’s  Peirano’s adapted quickly to the current new realities, offering family meals to go. They’ve elevated the performance to art. They have two Christmas Eve Family Meals to Go. Gourmet Meat and 4 Cheese Lasagna (serves 6-8) and 8 Hour Braised Short Ribs (serves 4-6). And they’ll take care of the hor’s d’oeuvres too, offering up one-of-a-kind DIY charcuterie (for an additional fee they’ll plate it for you) Cafe Zack Cafe Zack offers a three-course Holiday menu – carry out and local delivery. Butternut squash soup or beet salad, with choice of beef filet mignon, pork osso buco, alaskan halibut, or pasta el garden. Desert is profiteroles (that would be a sweet-filled cream puff). Cafe Nouveau Why make dessert? Cafe Nouveau, deservedly famous for their desserts year-round (do yourself a favor and try their Key Lime pie) is making your desserts for you. Specifically Snickerdoodle Biscuits with Cinnamon Honey Butter and Rice Pudding With Rum Raisin Sauce. Seasons Catering Everyone is adapting and Seasons Catering is too; happily for us, morphing more into a takeout restaurant. Their pre-Christmas menu includes complete meals with entrees like Roasted Half Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ravioli. Don’t feel like cooking after Christmas? Their post-Christmas menu includes entrees like Chicken Tagine and House-made Italian meatballs. They offer pickup and delivery (from Thousand Oaks to Santa Barbara).

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