Posted: Monday, Apr 9th, 2018

By Visit Ventura

Ventura is Featured in National Geographic’s American Cities With the Most Green Space!

As much as we have adapted to city-life, our bodies still crave a dose of green to keep us in touch with Mother Nature. It’s important for cities to maintain a balance between concrete and grass and give our trees and ourselves a little space to breathe. We are stoked to see Ventura included on National Geographic’s list of small cities in the United States with the most green space! Their research included cities with populations of 600,000 or less that had the most parks to their name. It’s the combination of city-offerings and green spaces that make these destinations awesome vacation spots. “If you are traveling to a city, why not make sure it’s one that would make it easy to stroll through a park on your way to dinner or pass by nature as you head to a matinee?” After all, “Nature is good for your brain.” Ventura invites you to explore the outdoors. Hike the hills surrounding the city for beautiful ocean views and plan an unforgettable visit to Channel Islands National Park only 14 miles off Ventura’s coast. Read National Geographic’s original article here.   Photo by Steve Cattanach

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