Posted: Monday, Oct 23rd, 2017

By Visit Ventura

Shop Local to Nail Ventura’s Cycling Vibe

by Skylar Ryan-Grant

Anyone who loves outdoor sports knows: it’s all about the gear. The right gear can be the difference between a great excursion and a challenging one. And locking in on your vibe and expressing your style is all part of the fun. Cycling is no different. Once you’ve settled on a solid set of wheels, outfitting yourself is an ongoing ride. Whether you’re a commuter, mountain biker, long distance roadster, or leisurely beach cruiser, when it’s not about the ride, it’s all about locking in on the right gear and exploring your look. Ventura is here for every type of cyclist. We not only have killer coastal routes, awesome bike shops, and ideal perch along coast Hwy 101, we’ve also got everything you need to fill out your traveling packs and catch that biker vibe. Go classic, durable, and versatile with a stop off at Patagonia, the world-renowned outdoor sports outfitter, headquartered right here in Downtown Ventura. These efficient garments will quickly become your go-to’s for any extended bike trip, be it cycling the trail or hitting the pavement. Patagonia’s Women’s All Weather Zip is the perfect garment for versatile wear, especially when venturing along the sunny coast or into the Los Padres mountains. The ForeRunner Vest will keep it tight, bright, and aerodynamic, the time-tested design for a flexible biking backpack, especially if you plan on parking your bike and hoofing it around Downtown. But the cycling vibe isn’t just about practicality. Where’s the fun in that? Local favorite Iron & Resin has you covered with style and attitude. Channel your inner motor-biker and feel like a total badass in this independent shop’s iconic pieces. This skull-embossed “Ride to Live” patch is perfect for sticking to a Camelbak or side-bag. Or make a bold statement with their “Three B’s” women’s tank, ideal for wearing under a jean or leather jacket for city riding. cycling Ventura promenade Cycling is all about sustainability and adventure. We’ve got you covered on both with a ton of thrift stores, all located within just a few blocks in downtown Ventura. Spend hours exploring our thrift shops and recycled boutiques and come out with an armload of eclectic styles, including sports-specific wear. You can feel good about the low carbon footprint and the awesome causes your dollars and cents will go to. Downtown also boasts some of our best eateries, breweries, and cafes if you need a pick-me-up while you shop. Keep it fair trade with one of our newest downtown shops, Ecugreen. Great for adding unique, lightweight accessories to your look, Ecugreen has an amazing selection of colorful hats, scarves, bags, and super sturdy, super lightweight tagua nut jewelry, all made by independent artists in Ecuador. These pieces are perfect for giving your sports gear a personalized spin without adding a ton of extra pounds to your ride. Be sure to ask about the sustainability of tagua nuts and the Ecuadorian artists involved, all of whom are known personally by the owner. Whether you’re looking for durable cycling basics, a hardcore biker look, or sustainable and fair trade accessories to fill out your style, Ventura’s got everything you need to bust out your cycling vibe for any type of adventure. Oh, and did we mention that we have great bike shops, too? The Ventura Bike Depot can get you outfitted with a brand new rig or rental. They can also help you fix up your ride, with repair services and every part or accessory you could possibly need if you want to DIY. Open Air Bicycles is also a long-time local favorite. Now to finish off your look and blend in with the locals, the real question remains: Can you balance a surfboard while you ride? 😉 Be sure to check out Cycle California Coast for all the latest trails and routes along the Central Coast, including Ventura. Together, we’ll keep you riding, adventuring, and looking fly. Enjoy that sunshine, Cyclists.

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