Posted: Friday, Nov 4th, 2016

By Visit Ventura

With endless summers, it’s always picnic time!

by Elizabeth Silva

One the best perks of living in Ventura, is its awesome picnic spots. Picnics are great for bonding time with family, friends, and significant others. They have a way of bringing people together outdoors, surrounded by the natural beauty of nature, all enjoying a good time and good food. These are a few of the best picnic places in Ventura:

Marina Park

It is a very place to have a picnic since it is by the ocean. If you want to go to a picnic without sacrificing your wish to go to the beach then this is your optimal choice. You get to eat, happily wait to digest the food and then go have fun in the waves. There is a playground and a zip line for the kids and barbecue grills for the whole family.

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Arroyo Verde Park

This place is amazing! You can have a picnic, you can go hiking! Its perfect. You will be able to have a completely successful picnic. This is a great park. This park is perfect for the wintertime or when the weather is a little cooler, since this park provides a warmer air and a little more sunshine. You can also go on amazing hikes.

Camino Real Park

This would be the perfect  place for anyone who wishes to have a really nature-like picnic. If you love nature, this is the place for you. It is very green with its grass and trees, which creates a refreshing air. You will have a really grand time here! You will be surrounded by wondrous, majestic tall, vibrant green trees, with the refreshing air enlivening you and energizing you. This is the epitome of all things grand and great. It is slightly therapeutic with its tranquil atmosphere, you feel more in harmony and in the present.

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Thille Park

Thille Park is awesome for family picnics because it is a large park with many accommodations for the whole family with the playground, the gym station and the grassland. This is also a fabulous fit for people with large families since there is plenty of space for everyone. Take the opportunity of having a great picnic with your loved ones!

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