Posted: Friday, Nov 4th, 2016

By Visit Ventura

Great Venue, Great Food

by Elizabeth Silva

The most amazing choice for stunning venus and top-notch eats is VC Totally Local’s Dinner Series. They orchestrate dinners in charming places like avocado orchards or pumpkin patches, where Ventura’s best chefs cook up delicious eats with local produce. Since those dinners only happen three or four times each year, here are a few other restaurants that are worth checking out for their cool venues and great food. These are a few of the vast lovely places with great food in Ventura. If you wish to eat Mexican food with a lovely atmosphere, Rosabella’s Cafe & Bakery is perfect. They offer many authentic Mexican dishes in a cafeteria-like style, and invite guest bands to play authentic music from different regions in Mexico.

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The food is spectacular, especially the chicken tamales with a side dish of rice and beans. On the side of the restaurant, you have a bakery with many baked goods ranging from authentic Mexican pan dulce to other sweet pastries. They have a large window wall that brings in natural lighting which provides a charmingly quaint aura. The atmosphere is great for eating with family and friends or alone.

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Another great place that offers both beauty and delightful food is Cafe Nouveau, a French-style restaurant that offers breakfast and lunch. This is quite a popular place, the line is often long and there is a wait time to eat there but it is absolutely worth the wait. The dishes are heavenly and elegant. The pancakes and the waffles are great options for breakfast.

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Also, for lunch they offer other dishes.  The decorum is elegant yet effortless. It is like going into a welcoming luxurious art museum with gardens. It is elegant yet very quaint and welcoming, it seems to give an aura and feeling similar as if one is at an art museum with gardens. When you check in to wait for a table, the staff asks you if you wish to eat indoors or outdoors or if you wish to eat at the first available table, which could either end up being indoors or outdoors. Eating indoors is lovely, but outdoors is even more lovelier with the nice air.  It is a great place to go for socializing and taking friends or family.   Another great venue with great food is Busy Bee Cafe, it is modeled after a 50’s style dinner.

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They have dinner tables with red, glossy cushions and black and white checkered floor. Their menu is awesome with burgers, fries, chicken tenders to name a few. When I go, I get the chicken tenders with fries. It is very filling. The music played there is 50’s themed and with the decorum and the employes uniform, you will feel transported to the good old 50’s.

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Nature’s Grill is a amazing place too. It is great for vegetarians, vegans, and people who simply want to eat clean, healthy, good food. The venue is very cool with its art decorum and the whole atmosphere feels lively yet tranquil. If you love sushi, Kibo Sushi is a great find. Its setting is interesting, it feels both elegant yet earthy. The sushi is divine!

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Have fun exploring these spots and let @VisitVentura know what you think!

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