Posted: Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

By Visit Ventura

Out for a spin on electric bikes!

by Cammy Morrell

One of my favorite things to do is take a bike ride, so I was stoked when I got the opportunity to work with Ventura Bike Depot (not far from C Street beach) who rented bikes for both me and Kamilo, the photography intern at the Ventura Visitor’s and Convention Bureau, to ride around downtown.  I had no idea we would get to take electric bikes out and honestly didn’t really know they existed, but man, they are so awesome! electric bike ride ventura 3 Electric bikes go so fast and I couldn’t stop laughing for the first five minutes. I just kept saying, “These things are legit!” How they work is you pedal like a regular bike but there is a monitor on the left handle that you can set 1-5, which basically tells the motor how fast to go when you start pedaling. We set it on 2-3 for the most part but when we started going up the hills to overlook Ventura, I bumped mine to 4-5 and cranked up the hill so easily.  I still had to pedal unless I used the throttle which makes the bike go on its own.  Since we didn’t want to drain the bikes, we refrained from using it, aside from starting from a stop at all stoplights. electric bike ride ventura 3 We tracked our journey on CycleMeter (an iPhone app that tracks your bike ride) which was so cool to see after. It’s pretty amazing; it told us how fast we went, our average speed, distance, weather, and even calories we burned.  We rode for a little over an hour and traveled about 2.5 miles around Ventura. electric bike ride ventura 3 My favorite part was going up to the top of the mountain overlooking all of Ventura.  It was nice that it was so easy and didn’t take a very long time.  This is something I would very much do again and totally recommend to anyone visiting Ventura for the day or staycation. Make sure to check out @VisitVentura on Instagram to see the latest shots of my beautiful city!

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