Posted: Wednesday, Jun 10th, 2015

By Visit Ventura

5 Things for You and Your Kids to Try This Summer

By Michelle Madsen

Now that the morning commute to drop the kids off at school is on pause until fall, you can spend time with your loved ones this summer.  Ventura offers a multitude of options, and I guarantee you haven’t tried all of them. Get excited for these five activities that will make this summer unlike any other.

1. Kids’ Arts.

What will we do? Kids’ Arts aims to rev up the artistic engine in kids as a healthy means of expression. Parents join their children in music, theater, and art projects while being guided by professional artists. Brush up on your creative abilities and you’ll remember how much fun it is to craft like a kid again. Where? 295 South Arcade Dr. in the Art Room. When? Saturdays 10am-12pm. Ages? 5-14. Cost? Free. Are you jumping for joy yet? I’m curious! Visit the Kids’ Arts website to learn more about how you can draw out the artist in your child.
Courtesy of Kids Arts.

Courtesy of Kids Arts.

2. Billy Clower Dance Studio.

What will we do? You’ll be jazzed to take classes like swing and ballet. Parents and kids 10 and older can take classes like hip hop together. Don’t worry if you’re just beginning–the experienced instructors will help you gain confidence. If you’re looking for a workout, you can even take zumba! Where? 75 MacMillan Ave. When? Times vary, but most summer classes are in the afternoon. Ages? Classes range from ages 3 to adult, depending on the type of dance and level. Cost? Drop-ins are $17 per class, but monthly memberships are available between $60 and $270 according to the number of classes desired per week. I’m curious!  See the Billy Clower website for a detailed summer schedule and tap into your inner dancer!

Courtesy of Billy Clower.

3. Firefly Ceramics.

What will we do? Get fired up to paint one of hundreds of items, including dishes, animals, boxes, and decorations. Friendly staff will assist you in filling your palettes with your favorite colors. When finished, your item will be glazed and heated in the kiln for you to pick up one week later. Where? 1580 Saratoga Ave. Suite C. When? Monday through Saturday 10am-7pm. Sunday 12pm-6pm. Ages? All! Cost? A flat studio fee or $7 for adults and $4 for children 10 and under, plus the price of the specific item you paint. I’m curious! Visit the Firefly Ceramics Facebook page for more information and photos to inspire your own beautiful creation.
Courtesy of Firefly Ceramics.

Courtesy of Firefly Ceramics.

4. Volunteer at the Harbor Wetlands Restoration event.

What will we do? Give back to Ventura by participating in one (or both!) of two events. Help out by removing non-native plants and bringing the Ventura Harbor Ecological Reserve to its native glory. Where? 1400 Spinnaker Dr. When? Saturday, June 13, 9am-11am. Ages? 14 and up. Cost? None, as all supplies are provided. I’m curious! Get more details and register here!
Courtesy of Volunteer Ventura.

Courtesy of Volunteer Ventura.

Or be a big help at the beach cleanup.

What will we do? Grab your gloves and make the beach as beautiful as it has ever been. Where? Ventura beachfront promenade. When? Saturday, June 20, 9am-11am. Ages? All! Children under 14 must bring a parent or guardian. Cost? None, of course! You can bring a bucket and gloves, but it isn’t mandatory. I’m curious! Get full details and register here.


5. Vertical Heaven.

What will we do? Test out a rock wall and watch your skills climb. At this indoor rock climbing facility, your workout with the kids will reach new heights. Learn how to stay safe and incorporate techniques into your climb. Where? 5600 Everglades St. Suite C. When? Monday through Friday 11am-10pm. Saturday and Sunday 12pm-7pm. Ages? All! Cost? Adults get in for $15 per day, children ages 4-10 for $10. I’m curious! Find more rates and classes on their website. After that, you have nowhere to go but up!
Courtesy of Vertical Heaven.

Courtesy of Vertical Heaven.

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