Posted: Tuesday, Jun 23rd, 2020

By Visit Ventura

On Takeout Tuesday, Why Not a Repast on the Ventura Harbor Green?

Envision this. A blue on blue day. Soft thick grass beneath your bare feet (it’s summer). Maybe the kids playing in front of you while you spoon up a takeout bowl of creamy-thick chowder. Or, maybe you don’t like kids (it happens). Fine, plenty of room to move down grass and have space to yourself. Think social distancing. Think repast on the green. Meet Ventura Harbor Village’s new Seaside Takeout Zone, a grassy sward with picnic tables (officially called the Village Main Lawn) beside Ventura Harbor where you can sit in the sun and enjoy takeout from any number of restaurants. Maybe it sounds like a marketing ploy, and, truth is, maybe it is to a degree. But if you’ve ever sat beside a sun-spackled harbor and concentrated, truly concentrated, on how the sun kisses your bare skin and the light breeze tinctures that skin with just the proper daub of alluring cool, and the small ripples move across the water, heading jauntily off to nowhere, and how the sailboat guy wires chime like the purest bells … Well, you get the picture. It’s a pretty serene place for anything, including a delicious meal. And who couldn’t use a dose of serenity? On Takeout Tuesday, Why Not a Repast on the Ventura Harbor Green? And here’s another truth. Ventura Harbor is home to some of the best restaurant variety you’ll find — all of it within walking distance. So what better excuse to take up the “Takeout Tuesday” torch, this time to help support Ventura Harbor establishments. As you may know by now, America jumpstarted Takeout kindness with “The Great American Takeout,” to help support restaurants struggling in these times. Venturans jumped on board. But Venturans also knew it would have to be about more than one day. And so, taking America’s lead and making it better, kind Venturans — knowing our local restaurants need a boost — have run with Ventura’s “Takeout Tuesdays” in a big way. Community gets community through challenging times. But you already knew that. And now you, our treasured visitors, can help out businesses too.
On Takeout Tuesday, Why Not a Repast on the Ventura Harbor Green?

Photo by Kamilo Bustamante

Yes, with the recent easing of regulations many Ventura restaurants — including those at the Harbor — have opened for seated, in-restaurant dining (Please check the individual business website to see how they are handling this limited opening phase). But if you’re still a little uncomfortable dining in, well, no better repast than, well, pretty much any kind of food beside the water. Of course, Ventura Harbor Village has the fresh-off-the-boat seafood you’d expect (Andria’s Seafood and Brophy Brothers). But what about a French Croissant hot out of the oven (Le Petite Cafe & Bakery)? Or maybe the kind of family style platter you might enjoy in Greece (or from The Greek Mediterranean Steak & Seafood Restaurant)? Or maybe a tasty Cubano sandwich or perfectly seasoned empanada (The Copa Cubana)? Or maybe a whopping grilled shrimp burrito (Margarita Villa)? And, of course, pizza, which, when eaten upon grass, can be merrily slopped everywhere (Fratelli’s Pizza & Brew). And, if you do have a family (or if you don’t), here’s an innovative and memorable takeout twist. Why not first go for a harbor paddle or — if you want to stay dry — rent an electric boat ride (as captain, they have to listen to you)? Or — clever captain — get mouthwatering clam chowder to go and eat it aboard your vessel (in this instance, the captain can order someone else to take the helm). Ventura Boat Rentals supplies the boat; Andria’s or Brophy Brothers provides the unforgettable clam chowder. You get the point. Memorable takeout under the sun — and the spell of water. And — last but not least — thanks for reading to the end, because this may be the most important part. Whatever restaurants we’re spotlighting on Takeout Tuesday, it’s all the same idea. Here is a way to support so many locally owned businesses, and, happy coincidence, do something nice for ourselves. Let’s continue to do what Ventura does best — support local. Thank you for helping. Shopping, dining, hiking, beach-going, beer-quaffing, wine-tasting, and all manner of fun in the sun (because that’s what Ventura does best). Want to know (almost) everything about Ventura? Please order our FREE 2020 Ventura Inspiration Guide here.

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