Posted: Tuesday, Jul 11th, 2017

By Visit Ventura

My favorite family outing: Our Channel Islands!

by Mackenzie Atwood

If you are visiting Ventura there are a lot of fun things to do but if you like the ocean and you like to go to islands. Well if you do there is a national park in Ventura. The national park has beautiful islands with animals we don’t have on the mainland. The animals that live on the islands are very unique. One of them is the Island Fox, which is very cute and not related to the foxes we have on the mainlands.

My favorite family outing: Our Channel Islands!

Photo by Visit Ventura

There are two types of Island Foxes on the islands, well at least there were until the Gray Fox went extent. Now there are only Island Foxes, the cool thing is that the Island Foxes ancestors are the Gray Foxes. Another animal is the Deer Mouse. The Deer Mouse is very cute. Unlike the Island Fox that has no predator, the Deer Mouse has a lot, and one of them is the Island Fox.

My favorite family outing: Our Channel Islands!

Photo by Latitudes Fine Art Gallery

There are 8 Channel Islands in all and my favorite one is Santa Cruz. There is also an arch by Anacapa Island called the Anacapa Arch. All the islands are unique in their own ways. Each island has a dream waiting to be made. When you are thinking of taking a vacation come to Ventura and see our Channel Island and the wonders that await you when you visit them.

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