Posted: Wednesday, Sep 6th, 2017

By Visit Ventura

That time KYLE and his crew visited Channel Islands National Park

by Visit Ventura

When he was still a teenager back in 2012, KYLE gave an interview for a local high school newspaper and when they asked him about Ventura, he said
“I love this city. It’s really the best place in the world in my eyes. We’re so unique, it’s ridiculous. I wanna expose this place for the creative, beautiful environment it is.”
Not much has changed. Growing up in Ventura, KYLE made many loyal fans along the way and easily sells out shows at the Ventura Majestic Theater. He continues to film music videos featuring his favorite spots around town including last year’s hit, Doubt It, with over 16 million views on YouTube. But even famous rappers need time to sunset and chill…
Sunset at Santa Cruz Island

Photo by Sean Dougherty

When KYLE and his crew wanted to unplug for a few days, Channel Islands National Park was the perfect place to do so. Visit Ventura was super duper excited to host the group for a camping trip at Santa Cruz Island. After all, camping with your friends is the key to success.
Hiking at Santa Cruz Island

Photo by Sean Dougherty

KYLE and his crew had an amazing time camping at Channel Islands National Park. They explored the sea caves in kayaks, jumped in the water to snorkel, and took time to admire endless stars.
Camping at Santa Cruz Island

Photo by Sean Dougherty

Watch the highlights of their trip in this awesome video made by photographer Sean Dougherty:  

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