Posted: Friday, Apr 17th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

Local Uke Girls Remind Us To Not Stop Believing

by Visit Ventura

A lot of hard-to-bear news these days, but we need to be informed. It’s not a time to stick our heads in the sand. But that doesn’t mean we should drown in a deluge of sobering headlines. Now, more than ever, it’s important to remind ourselves that, behind the curtain of tough news, the world is still bright with beauty and grace. And so we offer you the voices (and ukulele) of Ventura sisters Annalie and Malia Ilagan — and the words of a Journey song you likely know. Annalie and Malia lent their talents for a simple reason. “Music brings people together,” says Annalie. “It creates this invisible bond. We hope that by contributing this song we can help bring the city of Ventura’s hearts together during such crazy times.” Annalie started playing the ukulele at thirteen (her sister plays the bass and viola), after her father gave a ukulele to her mother and Annalie borrowed it — for the long term. “I love the ukulele,” Annalie says. “It’s a small instrument that can pretty be much taken anywhere, and there are so many songs that can be played with just a few easy chords. When I bring my ukulele to a gathering, friends and family play it as well — which instantly brings musical happiness to everyone.” There are a host of tales (everyone likes to tell a story) about how the ukulele got its name, but one may be particularly fitting for these times. It’s said that the last Hawaiian monarch, Queen Lili’uokalani, once explained that ukulele means “the gift that came here.” Doctors and nurses, grocery workers, farmworkers, first responders, truck drivers, teachers, and two sisters … So many people giving gifts in these difficult times. Yet another reason to never stop believing. Don't stop believing

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