Posted: Friday, Jun 24th, 2022

By Visit Ventura

mac OS Ventura Launches on a Computer Screen Near You

Apple releases mac OS Ventura on October 24. Images of Ventura will brighten your wallpaper and screensavers

California is home to breath-stealing beauty, and Apple makes its home in the aptly-named Golden State. The tech company has made a career of innovation and this applies to marketing too. Roughly a decade ago, Apple began naming its new operating systems after iconic California spots. 

Mavericks (the adrenal Northern California surf break). Yosemite, El Cap, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey.

And now, coming to Mac screens everywhere, Ventura. When? Sooner than you think. Apple announced macOS Ventura will launch Monday, October 24.

Apple doesn’t make beautiful choices lightly. Imagine the tough – impossible? –  choices. California stuns you, beguiles you, seduces you, makes your heart race, your breath quicken, your soul soar. Gaze out over Yosemite Valley after a summer twilight rainstorm — waterfall tongues plummeting from heaven, fog wraiths rising from the pines, the day’s last fairy glow falling full on Half Dome’s bald face — and you will be forever changed.

And that’s just one single California icon. Yeesh.

There’s also the more mundane, but time-consuming, matter of trademark filings. When Visit Ventura saw news of the Ventura filing in 2014, the Visit Ventura team tweeted the news and sent Apple a handful of stunning Ventura images

Make a difference? Hard to say. Success is often a matter of hard work and pixie dust. 

Get Ready for a Lovely Breath of Ventura Beauty 

Images not for commercial use

But, whatever the reason, the simple fact is this. Now, with the debut of macOS Ventura, Ventura images will soon materialize throughout the day on the screens of almost every Mac in the world, hypnotic visuals that may see folks forget to move on to work. And, happily for Ventura and Mac users, even after macOS Ventura is replaced by a new California icon, Ventura photos will still appear on Mac screens. 

The exposure is incalculable. Hundreds of thousands of creative sorts use Apple’s operating system – and they live and create in every corner of the world. Ventura photos will pop up on their desktops by default.

Enjoy the Mystery

What photos? Well, we’ll have to see.

Mystery can be as pleasurable as beauty.

Thank you, Apple, for bringing Ventura’s beauty front and center.

And beauty period.

Whenever we log on, why shouldn’t our hearts swell at the beauty in this world? 

What better way to start the day?

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