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Five Fun Things to do in Ventura this Weekend

Aug 19, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Why just five fun things in Ventura, a town that swims in fun? It’s called a teaser. And really, it’s more fun to keep coming back for more. And we’ll offer you more. Later. On a serious note, when you opt to do any — or all — of these things, you are, in one... MORE

What’s Happening in Ventura in August?

Aug 10, 2021 / Visit Ventura

And on… Meta description: Live events in Ventura are back in a big way. From live music to world-class cornhole, to wild and scenic films… Ventura’s summer is your oyster. Yes, live events are back in Ventura, and in a big way. Though Ventura continues to monitor the coronavirus situation,... MORE

The Ventura Visitors Center has Your Summer Vibes

Jul 28, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Ventura’s summers are so special even the days don’t want to leave. And when Ventura’s summer nights finally arrive, the magic continues. Ventura defines endless summer — from long, lazy days and bright, starry nights, to a summer that surfs right on into September. The Ventura Visitors Center has everything you need for summer’s glory; from... MORE

Five Ginormous Reasons Why You Should Visit Channel Islands National Park

Jul 22, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Five ginormous reasons to visit Channel Islands National Park? In no particular order, the islands of Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara. Together, they comprise a special place like no other. Welcome to Channel Islands National Park, a wondrous world where housecat-size foxes scamper through fields... MORE

Why, Here in Ventura — and Throughout California — Kindness Really Matters Now

Jul 20, 2021 / Visit Ventura

By Visit Ventura Now that California and Ventura have reopened, folks are flooding out into the world with joyous abandon. That is happy news. We all can use plenty of joy. But there is a flip side to this flood. Businesses that had gone to a skeletal staff (or no staff) are suddenly short... MORE

Are There Live Events in Ventura this Summer? You Bet.

Jul 16, 2021 / Visit Ventura

By Visit Ventura Yes, live events are back in Ventura, and in a big way. Though Ventura continues to monitor the coronavirus situation, California — and Ventura — are now fully open, and that means live events. The events listed below are the biggies, but it’s important to note that... MORE

How Do You Measure the Perfect Ventura Road Trip? Unpack Your Trunk.

Jul 10, 2021 / Visit Ventura

By Visit Ventura A great road trip can be measured in so many ways. But it could be argued that the finest measure of a successful road trip — to Ventura or anywhere else on your (hopefu[ly worn) road trip map — is measured by the aftermath. When you pop open the trunk, shovel... MORE