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Know Before You Go: Channel Islands National Park

Oct 29, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Much ado is (rightly) made about the five islands of Channel Islands National Park, and if you want to know why you must visit these life-changing islands just off the coast of Ventura, well just click here. But right now we have more practical matters at hand. Any trip to the Channel Islands will be... MORE

A Lesson in the Ventura Skies

Oct 25, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Rainbows and lightning. Of late, the Ventura skies have put on a show. When it comes to display, no one takes a front seat to Mother Nature. When lightning forked and thunder rumbled a few weeks ago, Venturans ran outside to marvel because, well, outside is what we do. From... MORE

What’s Happening in Ventura this Halloween? Lots.

Oct 21, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Featured photo by Ventura Harbor Village What’s Happening in Ventura this Halloween? Lots. Yes, Halloween looms, and Ventura will celebrate in a big way, from dance parties, to witches paddles, to free trick or treating for the kids; even a costume contest for your dog (sign up early for this... MORE

Ventura Kindness Cards. Pass Them On.

Oct 19, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Here you have a Kindness Card. Visit Ventura created them to acknowledge the loveliness — and power — of kindness. So when someone gives you one, know that the giving has a simple aim. To pass kindness on and on and on. Why? Pretty self-explanatory. Though it should be noted that perhaps kindness matters more... MORE

Eight Reasons to Visit Ventura in the Fall

Oct 19, 2021 / Visit Ventura

What is fall like in Ventura? Think crisp, penny-bright blue days, star-bright nights, and crimson and gold sunsets that will drop you to your knees. Honestly, there are countless reasons to celebrate Ventura’s fall. But since you likely don’t have time for countless, here are seven. In fall, Ventura is... MORE

Be Inspired by Women — and Art

Oct 15, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Featured photo: Museum of Ventura County Women can be as remarkable as they are inspiring. This is a waste of written breath. But Ghada Amer’s art installation “Women’s Quality” — now appearing at six locations in downtown Ventura — is a visual reminder of the very special people who surround... MORE

Five Fun Things To Do In Ventura This Weekend

Oct 15, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Why just five fun things in Ventura, a town that swims in fun? It’s called a teaser. And really, it’s more fun to keep coming back for more. And we’ll offer you more. Later. On a serious note, when you opt to do any — or all — of these... MORE

“Ventura Highway.” Feel the Heartbeat of Adventure

Oct 13, 2021 / Visit Ventura

America immortalized “Ventura Highway.” Ventura makes the magic real. “It was always titled ‘Ventura Highway’,” Dewey Bunnell once said. “That was one thing that I yanked out of nowhere. Ventura. I like that word. It evokes a great adventure.” Bunnell wrote “Ventura Highway” — and fellow America bandmates Dan Peek... MORE