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Celebrate Ventura: add a lovely Ventura wallpaper photo to your computer and phone

Jun 24, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Coming to a Mac Screen Near You – Ventura: The Story Behind Ventura’s Selection California is home to breath-stealing beauty, and Apple makes its home in the aptly-named Golden State. The tech company has made a career of innovation and this applies to marketing too. Roughly a decade ago, Apple began naming its new operating... MORE

Why is Surfing in Ventura so Special?

Mar 24, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Surfing has been described as so many things. Lifestyle. Obsession. Former underground culture, long gone mainstream. But, in the end, it all boils down to a simple thing.  A real-life magic carpet ride.  From California Street, to the Santa Clara Rivermouth, to Mondos, Ventura’s surfers have long known the electric thrill of uninhibited, nearly illicit... MORE

Six Things to Know About Ventura’s Harmon Canyon Preserve

Jul 09, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Ventura is a pathological liar’s dream of outdoor play. In June of 2020, thanks to the efforts of the Ventura Land Trust, that playground reached a new level with the opening of the Harmon Canyon Preserve, 2,100-acre pastoral heaven of gnarled oaks, downy grasses, and wind-kissed vistas, made for play — and the things that matter... MORE

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Ventura’s Harmon Canyon

May 27, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Thanks to much hard work and effort on the part of many unsung heroes, the Ventura Land Trust opened Harmon Canyon Preserve in June 2020. Ventura Land Trust Executive Director Derek Poultney kindly answered Visit Ventura’s questions about Ventura’s newest — and continually improving — nature preserve.There is so much going on — from new... MORE

Top Ten Hikes in and Around Ventura

Nov 17, 2020 / Visit Ventura

Featured Image by Steve Cattanach Maybe they shouldn’t be called hikes. Maybe that defeats the joy and the purpose.“I don’t like either the word [hike] or the thing. People ought to saunter in the mountains – not ‘hike!’ Do you know the origin of that word saunter? It’s a beautiful word. Away back in the... MORE

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Ventura’s Magical Dolphins

Aug 06, 2020 / Visit Ventura

Featured Image by Island Packers Beautiful video of dolphins playing just of Ventura’s coast. Video by Mike Love Just the sight of them makes you feel right. The waters off Ventura (officially the Santa Barbara Channel and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary) are rife with life, and, though it is wrong to pick favorites (how... MORE

Eight Ventura Surfing Tips

Dec 12, 2019 / Visit Ventura

                                                                                                             ... MORE

Ventura Weather: What to Expect Each Season

May 31, 2018 / Visit Ventura

blog by Sing Weist and Visit Ventura top image by Bobby Do Right The Washington Post ranked every county in America by scenery and climate and found that “the absolute most desirable place to live in America” is… drumroll, please… Ventura!! The index combines “six measures of climate, topography, and water area that reflect environmental qualities... MORE