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Ventura Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Dec 20, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Christmas is just a few days away and that means soon we will put down the credit cards for shopping and instead have  Downtown Ventura  Paradise Pantry  Christmas Eve 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM 222 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001(805) 641-9440 Lure Fish House  Christmas Eve 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM 60 S California... MORE

Four Delicious Craft Mocktails You Have to Try in Ventura

Nov 29, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Yes, there’s always a cause to celebrate in sunny Ventura, California. Great weather? Check. Uncrowded and beautiful beaches? Check. Spectacular sunsets every evening? Check. And did I mention amazing green spaces to bike, hike, and play til’ your heart’s content? That’s definitely a check.  The only difficult part about celebrating any occasion with friends and... MORE

7 Foods You Have to Try in Ventura

Nov 03, 2022 / Visit Ventura

In Ventura, we like the simple things. The simple joys of waves crashing on the shore, the sea breeze blowing through your hair, curling your toes in the wet sand as the sun dips below the horizon. We’re a no-fuss type of crowd. Though we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do take our food... MORE

Ventura’s Favorite Dessert Spots

Oct 18, 2022 / Visit Ventura

It’s 7 P.M. and you have a sudden hankering for something sweet. You raid your fridge and freeze but it looks like someone already ate that pint of ice cream. There’s nothing else to do but wish for that banana split, piece of cake, or bar of chocolate. We’ve all be there, done that. So... MORE

Fall-Themed Drinks to Try in Ventura

Sep 23, 2022 / Visit Ventura

The first day of fall has officially hit us. Know what that means? Crisp morning air, cozy sweaters, and breathtaking Ventura sunsets. The best way to get into the season is to grab a fall-themed drink around town. Here are some drinks you can get in Ventura to in the mood for fall time.  Palm... MORE

Fresh New Look: Downtown Ventura Farmers’ Market

Sep 16, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Saturday mornings in downtown Ventura can be a little quieter with businesses slowly opening their doors and locals grabbing their first (maybe second) coffee of the day at their favorite coffee spots. Mosey your way down Main Street and enjoy the gentle ocean breeze as you cross each street and you’ll start to hear the... MORE

Twelve Atypical Tacos: Welcome to Ventura’s Avenue Taco Week

Sep 09, 2022 / Visit Ventura

With all due humility, there may be no finer place to grab a taco than Ventura Avenue. And for four delicious – and rarefied – days, the second Avenue Taco Week (Sept 15th through the 18th) offers you the chance to explore some of the best Mexican food you’ve never had.  Think you’ve had everything... MORE

Explore Ventura’s Beer Trail. Yup, We Made It Up

Aug 19, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Take to the Ventura Beer Trail  The best things are achieved slowly, say on foot. Does Ventura have a formal beer trail? Nope, because if Ventura is anything, it’s informal. But, just for kicks, we’ve laid out a Ventura Beer Trail for you – with a few adventures along the way. Because beer trails are... MORE