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Fall-Themed Drinks to Try in Ventura

Sep 23, 2022 / Visit Ventura

The first day of fall has officially hit us. Know what that means? Crisp morning air, cozy sweaters, and breathtaking Ventura sunsets. The best way to get into the season is to grab a fall-themed drink around town. Here are some drinks you can get in Ventura to in the mood for fall time.  Palm... MORE

Fresh New Look: Downtown Ventura Farmers’ Market

Sep 16, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Saturday mornings in downtown Ventura can be a little quieter with businesses slowly opening their doors and locals grabbing their first (maybe second) coffee of the day at their favorite coffee spots. Mosey your way down Main Street and enjoy the gentle ocean breeze as you cross each street and you’ll start to hear the... MORE

Twelve Atypical Tacos: Welcome to Ventura’s Avenue Taco Week

Sep 09, 2022 / Visit Ventura

With all due humility, there may be no finer place to grab a taco than Ventura Avenue. And for four delicious – and rarefied – days, the second Avenue Taco Week (Sept 15th through the 18th) offers you the chance to explore some of the best Mexican food you’ve never had.  Think you’ve had everything... MORE

Explore Ventura’s Beer Trail. Yup, We Made It Up

Aug 19, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Take to the Ventura Beer Trail  The best things are achieved slowly, say on foot. Does Ventura have a formal beer trail? Nope, because if Ventura is anything, it’s informal. But, just for kicks, we’ve laid out a Ventura Beer Trail for you – with a few adventures along the way. Because beer trails are... MORE

Where are the Best Burgers in Ventura? Right Here.

Aug 16, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Ventura Does America’s Classic Proud  Today we address an American classic. And — happy, affordable coincidence (you can thank us after you wipe the zesty mess off your front) — Ventura is home to some of the best burgers you’ll find.  And here at Visit Ventura, we are home to honest, informative answers. So, once... MORE

Where Can I Find a Great Happy Hour in Ventura?

Aug 12, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Where Can I Find a Great Happy Hour in Ventura? Ah, Happy Hour. Two simple words that cue, well, so much happiness.  Happily, Ventura has more than its share of happiness – and great Happy Hour discounts. Places where you can get delicious food and Happy Hour drinks for, yes, less. And Ventura’s Happy Hours,... MORE

Where is the Best Place to Eat Breakfast in Ventura?

Jun 29, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Ah, breakfast. In Ventura it tastes just a bit better. After a good surf, salt still on your lips. Or maybe a run along the beach. Or a bike ride or hike on a quiet trail, rising into the sky, along with the run. Or maybe you’re coming in after staying up through the dawn.... MORE

Where Can You Get Great Seafood in Ventura?

Jan 25, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Ventura and seafood are inseparable. Like sunrise and sunset. Like love and Paris. Like Buzz and Woody. And Ventura and seafood are connected by one delicious word. Fresh. And that word makes all the difference. In most of Ventura’s restaurants, the seafood comes right out of the sea and right off the boat. Mix in... MORE