Posted: Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

Words of Inspiration From Ventura’s Class of 2020 (Part One)


by Visit Ventura

  For several weeks now we’ve been publishing the wise and inspiring words of Venturans. But — how do we put this delicately? — most of those Venturans were of a certain age. And so a wise soul on the Visit Ventura team suggested we reach out to a slightly different demographic; one no less wise or inspirational. And so — beginning now — we’ll be featuring the words of local high school seniors. High School graduation has always been about both looking forward, and looking back. And — maybe now more than ever — looking inward. We’re publishing these lovely and, not surprisingly, wise, words one standalone senior at a time so as not to distract from what’s being said. We can all learn from each other. From any age, at any age. Thank you, Zoe Curtis, Ventura High School Class of 2020…     Words of Inspiration From Ventura’s Class of 2020 (Part One)What is your favorite thing about Ventura? Ventura is an extremely unique town. I have traveled more than most people because of my parents’ jobs and nothing can compare to this beautiful place. Ventura is absolutely beautiful, not only our amazing outdoors, but also our strong community. My favorite part of Ventura is that it has so much to offer; one day I could be going surfing at our gorgeous beaches, the next day I could be hiking in our hills, and another day I could be going shopping or eating in downtown. One of the best things about Ventura is our community. Anywhere I go in town, I know that there are people to help and support me.     Looking to the future, what is your favorite inspirational quote/song/anything that inspires you? A quote that inspires me to stay positive through hard times is by Buddha. “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”   How do you think this current situation, including the premature end of your senior year, will make you stronger? All of Ventura’s high school classes of 2020 have had an absolutely crazy high school experience, but the craziest part would have to be our senior year. It’s really hard for us all, not being able to have the graduation that we have been waiting for our whole life. Undoubtedly, we have stayed positive and dedicated through everything else, so I know that we will get through this too, and grow from it just like we have with all the other obstacles we have faced these past four years, from the Thomas Fire to the floods. Through everything we have been through, we’ve seen social barriers dissolve. We’ve grown stronger as a class, and gained more empathy and compassion for one another. Because of all this, I have no doubts that we can get through this pandemic together.

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