Top 5 Things European’s Enjoy Most in Ventura


1.  Miles of beautiful sunny beaches

Walking along Ventura’s pier and enjoying beautiful sunsets on the beach is definitely one of the first steps of the Californian experience.







2. Perfect weatherunnamed

An average 70 degrees all year-round is many Europeans’ dream. There’s no better feeling than going on a bike ride on a sunny day!









3. Food from all over the worldIMG_4320

The choice is hard to make with such a wide range of different types of food. It’s also the perfect opportunity to discover new tastes such as casual Mexican food from Vallarta Taqueria, Indian buffet or delicious Thai lunch from Rice by Mama.








4. Places that remind you of homelepetit_bakery4

French people would enjoy the authentic Ventura Harbor’s French bakery and restaurant “Le Petit Cafe” where they can feel at home with French pastries, cookies and other baked goodies. Another place that may remind French people of home is the 71 Palm restaurant and its French-American cuisine.








DSC025065. Great natural landscapes

No one should miss the experience of the Channel Islands National Park. Whether people go on a kayaking trip or on a whale watching tour, it is for sure a unique experience.