The Ventura Fitness Collective is Kindly Offering Virtual Classes. No time like now…

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by Visit Ventura


In these strange times we’re getting A LOT of advice, much of it good. Not to be lost in the deluge, qualified experts are reminding us that, among many other things, exercise is good for our immune system. And, though there are no hard and fast rules (we are all different; and there are countless intangibles), the latest science suggests that being fit does boost our immune systems, and that even a single workout can improve our ability to fight off germs.

We’re betting the folks who formed The Ventura Fitness Collective know this. And why they’ve already started offering — virtually — a host of fun exercise classes. The classes are free, but if you love a class, and would like to donate to any specific instructor or gym, you can reach out to them directly via email or Instagram.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know. And Visit Ventura thanks yet another group of Venturans looking out for others.

And plenty of other Ventura fitness folks have plans to help! We plan to keep you posted!

The Ventura Fitness Collective…

How It Works:

Below you’ll find our daily workout schedule with a variety of classes and instructors. These will be LIVE workouts, streamed via Zoom for all to access for free, so feel free to tell friends and family!

Accessing a Class:

Below each class, you’ll find the time, instructor, duration and equipment needed for each class. You’ll also see a link under each class that will take you directly to the “Class Room” when you click it.

On a Phone: Download the free “Zoom” app from the app store. Then click the link and it will automatically open in your app.

Tuesday, March 31st:
8:00am – Gentle Flow w/ Rebekah of Grassroots Yoga (60mins)
Equipment Needed: 2 yoga blocks or a stack of books, 1-2 blankets, a mat

9:30 am – HIIT w/ Kaylie of KaylieCrane Fitness (30mins)
Equipment Needed: dumbbells optional

11am – Pilates w/ Aubree Gallegos (30mins)
Equipment Needed: mat

5:00pm – Upper Body Strength w/ Steph of Boss Fitness (35mins)
Equipment Needed: dumbbells or bands

6:00pm – Mobility w/ Mario of Boss Fitness (30mins)
Equipment Needed: mat or blanket

Wednesday, April 1st:
7am – Strength w/ Dumbbells w/ Mario of Boss Fitness (40mins)
Equipment Needed: dumbbells

10am – Freestyle Yoga w/ Pat of Gamut Yoga
Equipment Needed: mat

5:30pm – Hip Hop HIIT w/ Steph of BossFitness (25mins)
Equipment Needed: bands optional

6:30pm – Groove Sesh w/ Brittney Nevison (40mins)
Equipment Needed: none

Likely to be continued, thanks to The Ventura Fitness Collective:
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