Posted: Monday, Dec 10th, 2018

By Visit Ventura

Locals you should know — Eithan Osborne

by Visit Ventura

When Eithan was a little boy, his dad got him a boogie board and it wasn’t long before he preferred to stand on it and his dad replaced it with a surfboard. Eithan grew up surfing at Surfer’s Point and Solimar Beach and began competing around 9 or 10 years old. He quickly got the attention of sponsors including Pro-Lite, Sex Wax, and Robert Surfboards, and earned a Billabong sponsorship by the time he turned 13. From regional to national and international competitions, Eithan’s fan base began to grow. France, Portugal, Indonesia, Chile, South Africa, and Mexico; just a few of the places Eithan’s surfboard has taken him. But he still loves surfing the most at home. Ventura’s beaches offer the kind of uncrowded surfing that has become harder to find further south, and it’s fun year-round. He commonly shares waves with dolphins and has even spotted whales close to shore. His favorite time to surf is early mornings and his favorite post-surf spot is Corrales for a breakfast burrito you just can’t beat. If you surf and find yourself in Ventura, Eithan recommends checking out Emma Wood State Beach. If you don’t surf but are inspired to try, Eithan recommends booking a surf lesson at Mondos Beach. A 3/2 or 4/3 suit and a foam board should do the trick. Remember, head out early, talk to as many locals as possible, be respectful of others and the beach, and always wait your turn. If you want more insight into what conditions are like, the best place to find it is at local surf shops. Eithan recommends dropping by Revolution or Ventura Surf Shop for your need-to-knows. When he’s not surfing, you’ll find Eithan at Marina Park or Ventura Pier. But chances are he’ll be in the water. He loves the ocean and breathes easier there. Eithan achieved the highest air at the Stab High Aerial Surfing Contest in Texas this summer and hopes to make it to the World Surf League’s Championship Tour one day.

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