Posted: Monday, Feb 20th, 2017

By Debbie Cvijanovich

How to Spot a Venturan

Who are we?

Venturans are a breed of their own. Friendly folks with a laid-back attitude who luckily call the quintessential surf town of Ventura (V-town)–home. We possess tell-tale signs reflecting the best of our adored hometown.
Here’s a few clues to pick us out of a crowd:

Ventura Style

Marlyss looking at the views at the channel islandsVenturans know how to represent. Check out our clothing/gear. We’re decked out head to toe in Patagonia (proudly founded in our V-town since 1973)…just look for the classic label.
Likely we’re sporting a trucker style ball cap emblazoned with a local brewery, surfboard shaper’s logo or “Surf Rodeo”.
You can pick out a local gal by the MidiQueen handbag slung “messenger style” across her bod. Many own a slew of these locally made designer gems…and their MQ collection is ever-growing.

How many flip flops can a person own?

Beach day essentials We wear them anywhere and everywhere…a result of our endless summer weather.

Survival Skills

botanical garden viewsVenturans crave the ocean. It’s no big deal when we spy a pod of dolphins, professional surfer or long lost friend among the waves simply because it’s that common. The beach promenade is our gym and the Pier…our landmark.
We could hike the Botanical Garden Trail with our eyes closed, yet wouldn’t dare since the stunning islands and coastline view along the way remind us why we live here.


We have always participated in and fiercely supported our famed annual events, and when the time comes, we’ll do it again:

  • Surf Rodeo: a weekend of surf, sun and music on the sand at Pierpont. It’s been on our calendar for months. We wouldn’t dare miss Ventura’s “chilled-out” version of Coachella.
  • 4th of July “Pushem Pullem” parade: No motors allowed! The more decorated, the better! For generations, our families have participated in this time-honored tradition.


Food photo at Casa de SoriaVenturans are locavores…craving the likes of Corrales, Johnny’s on the Avenue and Spencer Makenzie’s. We possess mad skills ordering burritos similar to a beverage at Starbucks…size, 3 way, smothered, extra sauce, etc. Corn Burritos are a staple…we grew up on them.
These grab-n-go meals pair best when devoured beachside or with the panoramic view at Grant Park.
Many of us patronize legendary Casa de Soria weekly (that would be me!).


Electric Bike Downtown photoshootWe embrace shopping local…not only because it’s the right thing to do, but the store owner is likely someone we attended high school with.
Our phones are chock full of stellar sunset/sunrise photos snapped from our doorstep or at a favorite coastal spot.
We own a trusty ol’ cruiser bike, often hopping on it with no plan…seeing where the sunny day takes us.

Driving towards Ventura, we naturally glance up at Two Trees perched on the hill and smile…knowing we’re almost home.


Venturans swell with pride talking about their V-town. The term “Ventucky” is either endearing… or rubs us the wrong way (uh, me!).
We gush about the countless accolades received about being named “one of the best towns”, yet we’re highly protective and hush-hush about the secret getting out.
The most important tell-tale sign to spot us is to know… we don’t want to live anywhere else.

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