How to have a perfect day at the Ventura County Fair

by Visit Ventura

Want to avoid at least one long line? We recommend that you

Buy your tickets ahead of time!

You can buy both ride and admission tickets ahead of time at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

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Over 300,000 people came to the Ventura County Fair last summer -that’s a lot of cars. Why struggle being stuck in traffic or finding a parking spot when you can

Take the train or shuttle!

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The best way to get into the fair spirit once you arrive is to

Jump on the rides!

Insider tip: Seek out a spot on the Ferris Wheel right around sunset so watch the sun go down over the Pacific.

Or if you prefer to keep both feet on the ground, give the arcade a try and

Win a stuffed animal

Every kid or couple’s token fair souvenir

And in between, find a treat because there is no shame in letting yourself

Indulge in fair food

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For adorable photos and only-at-the-fair kind of fun, challenge a friend to

Bet on the pig races

Loser buys the mini donuts

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And free with your admission ticket, take the opportunity to

Sing along with the concerts

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And there’s no better way to top off a great day than to

Watch the fireworks!


Photo by Michelle Evans


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