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What to Do at Channel Islands National Park

Mar 21, 2024 / Visit Ventura

I bet you didn’t know you can hike through the mountains, play on the sand, and kayak through magnificent sea caves on an island with just 48 hours in Ventura. Sure, you may need an extra cup of coffee to get you through, but it’s absolutely possible to see the mountains, beach, and —perhaps most surprisingly— an island in Ventura. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.  The Channel Islands National Park, known as the “Galapagos of North America”, is just an hour or so off the coast of Ventura. The national park is comprised of five islands (yes islands!) with the... MORE

5 Things to Do on Santa Cruz Island

Oct 12, 2023 / Visit Ventura

One of our favorite fun facts about Ventura? There’s an entirely different world just an hour away. An easy crossing via boat, visiting the Channel Islands National Park & Marine Sanctuary is an absolute must.  Santa Cruz Island, the largest island in California, is truly an opportunity to choose your own adventure. Not only is it the largest island in the national park, but Santa Cruz is also the most visited. You can practically close your eyes and If you’re planning a trip out to Santa Cruz Island, here are five things to do on your journey! 1. Hiking With... MORE

Channel Islands National Park: Where the Wild Things Are

Aug 23, 2022 / Ken McAlpine

“Let the wild rumpus start!”      Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak  Where the Wild Things Are They’ve been called the Galapagos of North America, but frankly, that’s selling them short. Five islands – Santa Barbara, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel – that are the loveliest step back in time; a... MORE

When Can You See Orcas Off Ventura? And Plenty More Fun Facts

Jan 11, 2022 / Visit Ventura

Featured Image by Latitudes Gallery It’s a lovely thing to see Nature’s glories for yourself, and few natural glories are as grand as an Orca sighting. The waters off Ventura (officially the Santa Barbara Channel and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary) are rife with life, and, though it is wrong to pick favorites (how can... MORE

How Do I Get to the Channel Islands? And Why Will it be SO WORTH IT?

May 12, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Channel Islands — the Absolute Basics Let’s start with a few glorious basics. Channel Islands National Park rests in the Pacific Ocean, just off the Ventura coast, five islands, five stepping stones to another time. They’ve been called the Galapagos of North America. They are one of the nation’s emptiest National Parks. The islands of... MORE

Ten Fun Facts about Channel Islands National Park

Sep 11, 2020 / Visit Ventura

Featured Image by Jeff Bartlett Fancy yourself a Channel Islands National Park expert?Well, there might be a few fun facts even you don’t know.  Some Channel Islands basics First a few glorious basics. Channel Islands National Park rests in the Pacific Ocean, just off the Ventura coast, five islands, five stepping stones to another time.... MORE

What You Need to Know About Whale Watching off Ventura

Mar 21, 2019 / Visit Ventura

    Featured image by J Sanchez (And a Little Romance Advice to Boot) World-Class Whales It’s world-class whale watching, without a doubt. You never know what you’ll see in the waters off Ventura’s coast — Nature isn’t a Disney exhibit — and that mystery is part of the thrill and the joy. But here’s... MORE

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Santa Rosa Island

Nov 05, 2018 / Visit Ventura

Photos  by Jeff Bartlett It was only 4:30 AM when my alarm sounded, waking me up in time to catch the sunrise on Santa Rosa Island. I thought I’d be the only camper awake at that hour; however, headlamps were buzzing around the Water Canyon campground. I’d arrived on the Friday morning Island Packers ferry,... MORE