Posted: Friday, Oct 9th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

Camping in Ventura? Visit Ventura Has What You Need

by Visit Ventura Camping in Ventura is an every season affair — why wouldn’t it be? Ventura has roughly 273 sunny days a year. Applying a “pleasant day index,” Zillow ranked Ventura number one in the country. Daytime temperatures average 70 degrees. Year-round. That is not a typo. Given this gleeful state of meteorological affairs, it might seem wrong-headed to quibble over the seasons — but Fall may very well be Ventura’s finest camping season. So take a road trip and come see for yourself. The nights are campfire cool. The stars pop. The sea breeze carries a little more cozy; sunsets come with more orange. If that’s not a recipe for camping, well go back and read it again slowly (Fall is also the season of slower). Wherever you’re camping this Fall — whether it’s the easy beachfront access of Emma Wood State Beach or Faria Beach Park, or the RV comfort of Ventura Beach RV Resort, or the wild-as-it-gets glories of Channel Islands National Park (often called “the Galapagos of North America:” which may be underselling the place) — you’ll need a few items outside of s’mores (but start there). Visit Ventura has camping items that will make your camping experience all the more fun — and comfortable. Set aside a small part of your road trip to stop by our store at 101 South California Street and pick up what you need. If you’re camping somewhere other than Ventura, we’re sorry (just kidding) — but you can still buy your uniquely Ventura camping gear online Camping in Ventura? Visit Ventura Has What You Need Patagonia Paxat Backpack Ventura embroidered and lightweight, the Patagonia Paxat Backpack has compartments within compartments — making it the perfectly organized pack for throwing over your shoulder(s) and heading out into adventure (it’s also a convenient backpack for your non-camping needs). Added plus, it has a polyurethane coating (durability) and it’s water repellent.  (price $119.00) Camping in Ventura? Visit Ventura Has What You Need Baja Hoodie These super soft, classic Baja Hoodies are beautifully handcrafted, lightweight and your perfect choice for any outdoor (or indoor) adventure. Because life should be about adventure. In comfort. (price $58.95) Camping in Ventura? Visit Ventura Has What You Need Ventura Serapes One of Visit Ventura’s most colorful (and popular) gifts, these Ventura-branded serapes are as warm and cozy as it gets. Perfect for a campfire wrap (and big enough for two). Plus, when you get back from camping they look great just hanging around the house. Offered in a variety of colors. (price $48.95) Camping in Ventura? Visit Ventura Has What You Need Dad Cap Our adjustable cotton Dad Cap, imbued with Classic coastal style and embellished with our unique Ventura ambigram, is perfect for keeping the sun off during your camping adventure. Available in black, navy blue, light blue, and khaki. (price $24.95) Camping in Ventura? Visit Ventura Has What You Need Sunglasses Ventura’s sun is nice, but not so much for your eyes. And while it’s a fine thing to look stylish (and you will), it’s even better to offer UV 400 protection and be affordable. Look out at your sun-splashed camping world with satisfied ease. The look is like Ventura itself. Simple and iconic. (price $6.99) Camping in Ventura? Visit Ventura Has What You Need Insulated Manhattan Water Bottle Yep, they’re stylishly Ventura-branded so no one else at your campsite will walk off with it, but it’s also important to remember that water is the camping essential — and these durable, stainless steel bottles (with a threaded stainless steel insulated lid) will keep it cold until it’s time for you to address your thirst. Yes, they clean easily and work for campfire beverages too. (price $24.95) Shopping, dining, hiking, beach-going, beer-quaffing, wine-tasting, and all manner of fun in the sun (because that’s what Ventura does best). Want to know (almost) everything about Ventura? Please order our FREE Ventura Inspiration Guide here.

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