Posted: Thursday, May 9th, 2019

By Visit Ventura

Best Places in Ventura to Watch the Amgen Tour of California on May 16th

by Visit Ventura Image provided by Felix Cortez

America’s biggest professional cycling race is coming to Ventura on May 16th; a rare chance to see world-class cycling live. The women will ride a looped course that starts (12:10 pm) and finishes (roughly 2:50 pm) at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. The men will race down from Pismo Beach, passing through Santa Barbara and Carpinteria before sprinting through Ventura’s streets to their Fairgrounds finish (estimated finish time 3:40 pm, but it could be earlier).

Places, where there are turns or climbs, are good because the cyclists will slow (slowing being a relative term at the professional level), and you’ll get a better look.

North Oak Street. Leaving the Fairgrounds start, the women will head into town via Figueroa Street, before making the climb up North Oak Street and turning left onto Poli Street. This will be a great alternative if Ferro drive (please see below) is too crowded. Anywhere along Cedar Street. Cedar Street offers three chances to see the riders. The women will head out of town, and then back into town, via Cedar Street. The men will also come into town via Ventura Avenue, and then swing up onto Cedar Street. Kellogg Park. The park is at the intersection of North Ventura Avenue and Kellogg Street. As with Cedar Street, the women will pass by Kellogg Park twice, and the men once. Plus, the kids can play. Grant Park/Ferro Drive. Both the men and the women will make the roughly mile-long climb up Ferro Drive toward the Serra Cross, an average 7.2% grade. Again, this will slow things a little.
amgen ventura tour of california

Image provided by Felix Cortez

The corner of Thompson Boulevard and San Jon Road, and, just a short descent below, the corner of San Jon Road and Harbor Boulevard. The cyclists (men and women) will have to slow at both turns. Now doubt they will fly down San Jon Road, but they will have to touch their brakes again to make the turn on to Harbor Boulevard. Anywhere along Harbor Boulevard. This will be the final mad sprint for both the women and the men. ‘Nuff said. And, of course, the finish at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

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