Posted: Thursday, Sep 17th, 2015

By Visit Ventura

Best Day Foundation 2015 events

by Jessica Schaub

Have you ever seen a child who cannot walk, successfully boogie boarding? Ever seen an individual who is blind, successfully surfing?? How about having a kid, who has never even been to the beach before, thank you for giving him the “best day of his life!”? (Yes, that all really happened!) These are just a few examples of magical moments I have experienced through volunteering with Best Day Foundation. Each season, I get to watch our participants continue to gain confidence and self esteem as they SUCCEED in various water sport activities that some may think are impossible. Best Day is geared towards bringing awareness to the fact that our participants are not “special needs kids” they are kids with special needs. In other words, Best Day helps these participants to just be the KIDS that they are! I can say with absolute certainty and with my whole heart that volunteering with this incredible organization is and always will be one of the coolest things in my life! bestday Please consider taking the time to volunteer at one of our remaining 3 events this season, creating special days for special kids! I can tell you that I am a better person because our wonderful and accepting community, our participants & this foundation as a whole. If you haven’t volunteered with us yet, I strongly encourage you to do so! IT WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD! These events would not be possible without volunteers. As our events continue to grow, we are in need of more people like YOU! If you have volunteered with Best Day before, you are already aware that our volunteers have just as much fun as the participants do! The name BEST DAY speaks for itself and applies to all who are involved. So, come out for some fun in the sun, a delicious lunch, and be prepared for a day that will touch your heart, a day you are sure to never forget!

We have three events left this season:

Saturday, September the 19th at C-Street right next to the pier

Saturday, October 3rd at Harbor Cove, South Jetty (aka Mother’s Beach)

Sunday, October 4th at Harbor Cove, South Jetty (aka Mother’s Beach)

To register and for more information please visit:

Hope to see you there!!!



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