Posted: Friday, Jul 5th, 2019

By Visit Ventura

A Finn in Ventura

My name is Tiia, and I come from Rovaniemi, Finland! I arrived in Ventura, California 4 days ago and it has been amazing so far! On my first day, I took a walk around the East Ventura. East Ventura has a beautiful neighborhood and I was amazed by all citrus and avocado groves! In Finland, we certainly do not have those fruits growing since it is freezing out there! During the first days, I learned that Ventura is all about beaches, ocean breeze, and sun! Palm trees are everywhere, and people are friendly anywhere I go. Due to the time difference between Europe and the U.S, I was extremely exhausted during my first days. Sitting by the beach and breathing the breeze was the perfect cure to my jet lag. ventura beach surfers point Although Ventura seems relatively small town, it has a lot going on! I walked up and down the Main Street in Ventura downtown and there are so many local boutiques and shops. I am a huge fan of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and I was delighted when I found their store from Main Street! visit ventura boutique and thrift shops downtown main street Ventura has great biking trails around the town, so a car is not always needed! I did a bike ride around downtown, which was fantastic. First, I stopped in Marina Park, which has a large grass area which would be perfect for picnics. I started downtown and went to the harbor to enjoy the views and have lunch. The harbor in Ventura has so many ships and a free parking area for those who come here with a car. I had lunch in the Greek restaurant and the food was amazing, I would definitely recommend that place to go! ventura harbor village Ventura has been a positive surprise for me. This town offers a lot for everyone. One of my favorite things is the variety of outdoor activities! In Ventura, you can go hiking, kayaking, paddling, surfing or a lot more!

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