Posted: Monday, Jan 18th, 2021

By Visit Ventura

Ventura’s Ocean Inspiration

As you read this waves are marching into Ventura’s shores like sequined queens, line after line. Touched by sunshine and ethereal grace, they slow as they feel the bottom. Rearing skyward, they lurch forward, masses of water descending with cannon cracks. On the shore, the power shakes the beach. In the water, Ventura’s surfers fly.

Ventura’s Ocean Inspiration

No one can say, with absolute truth, what effect the ocean has on the human soul. Too many souls are involved. But the ocean touches us, and that touch, without a doubt, is a magical one. So many feel it. Our bodies, like our planet, are 71 percent salt water; our blood is precisely as salty as the sea. Take from that what you wish.

Ventura’s Ocean Inspiration

And perhaps there is a connection, an underlying current if you will, that effects us all. Gazing out at the ocean leaves us feeling both inconsequential and reassured. Towns, cultures, individual lives and fortunes will flare and fall, but the ocean remains, its backdrop of comforting sameness trumpeting continuity and, with that continuity, hope.

Like children, we need something to believe in, a face that will always be there, an anchor we can always return to, and when we can’t return, our children can, and their children too.

Ventura’s anchor. As lovely, inspiring and awe-inducing as they come…

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