Posted: Tuesday, Mar 31st, 2020

By Visit Ventura

Ventura! Write A Few Words To The Heroes

by Visit Ventura

header image by Briana Diamond

These days are a rush of words. So many things to remember. It is easy to get buried. But there are things we should try to remember. Human things. No, humanity is not perfect. But in times like these, we see so many examples of how close to perfect humanity can be. Kind, selfless, tireless, caring, brave examples. Doctors and nurses, and pretty much everybody working in overcrowded hospitals, stretched beyond their means. Retail workers of every kind showing up to work, even though it’s safer to stay at home. Farmworkers bent to fields in the rain. First responders responding. Postal workers delivering mail. Midnight cleaning crews mopping. Teachers putting together at home lessons for who knows how long. A single mother of four working because she has to. The list goes on and on and on (and isn’t that wonderful?). No doubt, you know your own heroes.
Photo by Briana Diamond

Photo by Briana Diamond

There really aren’t words for this quiet heroism. But if you take a few moments, you might find something close. And honestly, it doesn’t even have to be close. It just has to be something honest and heartfelt, human words a bleary-eyed nurse can read when she turns away from her station for just a moment to look again at the now-crumpled note. Emailed words a long haul trucker remembers when there is nothing else in the dark but your words. So, if you like, maybe take a few moments and write a few words to a hero you know. Or a hero you don’t know. These small things can make a very big difference. And something else, not so small. These people we write to, maybe they are the example we would like to be. With a note, maybe we move a step closer.

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