Ventura Celebrates American Craft Beer Week. But Why Stop There?


By Visit Ventura

This week is American Craft Beer Week, but, frankly, who cares? Because who in their right mind would relegate craft beer to one week?


Keeping it short — because we know you’re already thirsty — Ventura plays a craft beer symphony, perfectly blended and played on your tongue, courtesy of brewers who relish the words experiment and fun. Yep, Ventura is home to a booming craft beer with talented, innovative locals at the helm, and those locals have created beers that have earned global recognition, though they keep their global awards in their pockets.

Beer good vibes

That’s Ventura.

We’re small town, big liquid.

So go ahead and celebrate American Craft Beer Week. It’s a fine excuse.

But here in Ventura we know the liquid gold, and liquid innovation, will flow on and on.