The Joys of Travel and Life: Fast-Moving World

Camping at Santa Cruz Island

blog by Ken McAlpine

Welcome to our weekly blog about the joys of travel and life. For the two are one. Travel, like life, is about making the most of our moments, for we only have so many. With that in mind, another moment together. Thank you for coming along for the ride…

Fast-Moving World

The night sky clasps pretty stars. It is almost cathedral silent; only the distant sound of waves on cobbles, and the slightest wind in the eucalyptus trees. The breeze through the leaves sounds like a whisper, as if the trees are talking amongst themselves. The whispering giants throw shadows against hillsides made almost daylight bright by the moon. Moonlight also runs silver silent along the dry river bottom wending to the sea.

Where? Does it matter? Any place with wind whispers and moon shadows and wide skies will do.

People say the world is moving faster than ever.

Is it?

Or is it moving at the same speed it always has, but sometimes we forget to notice?

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Top image by Sean Dougherty.