Posted: Thursday, Jan 11th, 2018

By Visit Ventura

Oprah and Ellen ran into Ventura City Fire in Montecito

by Visit Ventura

If there’s anything we’ve learned about our community since the Thomas Fire, it’s that Venturans have huge hearts and an amazing ability to come together when it counts. Everybody from our friends and neighbors to our first responders continue to put not only our community first but also neighboring communities facing very difficult circumstances. We are grateful for everybody who has stepped up and made a difference, and we will always have a special place in our hearts for Ventura City Fire. We were immensely proud to see them respond to Santa Barbara’s call for assistance having just spent the last month battling the Thomas Fire. When Oprah, a resident of Montecito, went out to survey the damage around her home, there they were – Ventura City Fire standing tall and strong working around the clock to support ongoing search and rescue operations. While the devastation is heartbreaking, there is nothing more inspiring than the compassion and courage with which our communities have responded. Muddy or not, the beauty of resilience shines through. As Oprah says, “We’ll do what we do,” we’ll get through this together. We can start by sending love and support to our neighbors up north. We can be patient and understanding and give space to those on the front lines as they continue to work under extremely challenging circumstances. We can share our stories and give support to agencies like the American Red Cross who work tirelessly to provide shelter, reunite families, and gather resources for those who need them. We can also make an extra effort to support local businesses and help our communities along the road to recovery. There are brighter days ahead. If you don’t believe us, believe Oprah and Ellen!  

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