Posted: Monday, May 1st, 2017

By Visit Ventura

In-N-Out, More of a Lifestyle

by Elle Gaston

It’s hard to conceive of a world without In-N-Out. There are people out there who have never bit into the magic of an animal-style burger, I know, but in southern California, it’s hard to imagine life without it. People either love it, or hate it. And I love it. It’s a staple for a teenager growing up in shorts and flip-flops, taking a beach break for a side of freshly-cut, ever-consistent french fries. Some may think In-N-Out burger is just a restaurant, but it is more than that here in Ventura, California. It’s a lifestyle. East-coasters often fly into California salivating at the thought of pulling into In-N-Out before their bags are even checked into their hotel. It means you have arrived. It means palm trees, sunshine, and laid-back flair. Especially in Ventura where the restaurant’s location only two blocks from the beach combined with our sunny weather sets the stage for us beach bums to have easy access to a great burger with an amazing environment. No need to think. You have three basic options to choose from: double-double, cheeseburger, or burger. Fries should be an obvious answer to complete your In-N-Out experience. The only real toss up is the milkshake or soda. That is until you find out that their milkshakes are made with 100% real ice cream and you realize they are the perfect treat post-surf session.

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For anyone of any age, it is easy to simply walk from the beach, barefoot or with some flip-flops, straight to the burger originating in California in 1948. Because of this, it has come to shape the idea of the west coast burger. In-N-Out burger provides a judgment-free zone for anyone clothed in a suit to beach attire, driving a Mercedez-Benz or an old Honda Civic, ordering off the not-so-secret menu or simply stopping for a side of fries. Everyone is there because they want something easy, familiar, and delightfully delicious.

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As a high school student, my experiences have been nothing but good with In-N-Out and the memories I’ve created there with friends and family. From walking down from San Pedro beach volleyball courts for some lunch on the last day of summer to late night snacks after a football game or school dance casual or formal. The environment has become more of an event venue knowing that once at In-N-Out you will most likely see someone you know. In-N-Out is not just a restaurant. No. In-N-Out is a lifestyle down here in Ventura, California.

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