Car-Free Ventura: All the food and drink you need within 4 miles

Ventiki Downtown Ventura

By Chanhee Kang

In Korea, there is a saying that ‘a loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds.’ In other words, even the beach is more fun after you’ve eaten something!

In Ventura, you’ll find seafood, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Sushi, and many other cuisines within 4 miles! There are also lots of breweries or taprooms like Barrelhouse 101 with 101 beers on tap. There are lots of wineries that sell wine produced near Ventura. Of course, cafes sell fresh coffee, bread, and gelato. And desserts at Coastal cone, Sub Zero Ice Cream, or Palermo can’t be missed.


If tacos are more your style, head to Beach House Tacos on Ventura’s historic wooden pier. Head on over to Ventura Harbor Village where you’ll find even more food and bars.