Posted: Thursday, Jun 9th, 2016

By Garrett Tickle

5 Items You Didn’t Know You Needed to Pack


When you make your way to Ventura, there are a few things you may not have known you needed to bring to make your experience even more memorable.


Oyster Shucker

The Jolly Oyster at San Buenaventura State Beach Park is the best place to find fresh, sustainably-sourced oysters from the coast of Baja California. The oysters come raw, giving you the chance to shuck them yourself and throw the shells into the ever-growing oyster-shell wall that surrounds their picnic tables. There are also grills available if you prefer your oysters cooked, or a food truck where you can buy them and other delicious menu items ready to eat.


You can run into dark spots in Ventura while exploring sea caves at Channel Islands National Park. Make sure to wear a headlamp and bring a waterproof camera case!


Not very many people know that Ventura has some of the best kiting conditions on the West Coast! Our south-facing coastline is perfect, both for those flying their kites from the shore, or for those kiteboarding on the water.

Drinking hat5 Items You Didn't Know You Needed to Pack

Ventura is home to awesome beer festivals including the California Beer Festival, Surf Rodeo, and Surf & Suds. Or if beer is not quite your thing, downtown also offers a taste of local wines at popular events like the Winter Wine Walk and Champagne on Main. If you want a wild ride, you can also check out the Tacos & Tequila Festival this July! And don’t forget, tickets to these events can be purchased at the Ventura Visitor Center in downtown Ventura!

Bottle Opener

At San Buenaventura State Beach Park you are allowed to consume alcohol on the beach, just as long as it doesn’t come in glass. So when you are at the beach off Seaward catching some rays, make sure you have a bottle opener handy for your cold brews. For great local craft beer options, check out our Guide to Beer Tasting in Ventura.
Check off this list for a surely memorable experience.

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