Whale Watching Around Ventura & the Channel Islands

Whales splash around Ventura entertaining onlookers eight months out of the year. Island Packers offers gray whale watching trips from late December through mid-April from Ventura Harbor while Blue and Humpback whale watching trips are available from mid-June through mid-September.

Humpback and endangered Blue whales feed on swarms of unsuspecting krill around Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary. Although viewing them is not guaranteed, the marine sanctuary seldom lets visitors down. Feeding whales tend to be near the western end of the northern Channel Islands and the journey there is often filled with playful visits from dolphins, seals, and California sea lions, and occasional visits from Orca whale pods.

Blue whale watching trips take visitors on a journey past Painted Cave, one of the largest sea caves in the world on the west end of Santa Cruz Island. Weather and sea conditions permitting, you might have the opportunity to see the cave up close. This all-day adventure takes about 7-8 hours.

Gray whale watching is a half-day adventure that takes about 4 hours. Since Gray whale watching occurs in the winter, visitors are encouraged to dress warm.

The channel crossing to Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary can make for a windy boat ride, so layers are recommended to be comfortable on the boat deck while keeping an eye out for marine wildlife sightings with the boat crew. Should you prefer a more tranquil experience, there is indoor seating available. The boat also has a galley with snacks, drinks, and local beer and wine available for purchase, and flushing toilets on board.

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