Posted: Wednesday, Jan 6th, 2021

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Ventura’s Top Photogs Pick Ventura’s Most Photogenic Spots

Featured Image by Steve Cattanach

The seascape panorama from Grant Park. The pastoral loveliness of Harmon Canyon. Any crescent sweep of unmarked beach on Santa Rosa Island. Waves unfurling, well, pretty much anywhere.

Yep. Picking Ventura’s most photogenic spots is a bit like trying to find blemishes in the Sistine Chapel.

Precisely why we asked someone else to do it.

And no one knows Ventura’s beauty better than Ventura’s photographers…

Ventura's Top Photogs Pick Ventura's Most Photogenic Spots

Image by Steve Cattanach


Steve Cattanach

Harbor Cove Beach

“Living in Ventura, we’re pretty lucky to have so many incredible spots to photograph. If I were to choose a favorite location, which is hard to do, I’d have to say the beach near Ventura Harbor. The long stretch of beach with views of the Channel Islands, sunsets that are jaw dropping, an abundance of shore birds, the occasional visit from dolphins, and the jetties make great landscape subjects with big surf crashing against them. To be able to drive to these locations within 10 minutes of my home I consider myself to be very lucky and grateful.”

Ventura's Top Photogs Pick Ventura's Most Photogenic Spots

Image by Jon Dixon


Jon Dixon

Emma Wood

“Emma Wood State Beach is a spot I’ll always cherish living here. The first photo I ever framed was taken here 2 years ago shortly after picking up a camera. But understand, the photos are just icing on the cake.. being able to back up the van with pillows / blankets and open up to a front row seat to the sea will always set the tone whether I’m taking photos, stuffing my face or just relaxing. A place just far enough outside the city to gain a calmer perspective of the coastline. Gazing on a sunset here just hits differently without having the distractions of city architecture but still turning around to welcome the anticipated break in tranquility as trains come zooming by. Even after sundown, being able to stargaze while hearing the waves crash blindly in the dark is a nice way to cap off a clean getaway… Just remember to pick up your trash, nerds :)”

Ventura's Top Photogs Pick Ventura's Most Photogenic Spots

Image by Michelle Evans


Michelle Evans

Channel Islands National Park

“A trip to Channel Islands National Park is the perfect quick getaway. An hour boat ride transports you from the sleepy city by the sea to wild, glorious solitude. You can snorkel with leopard sharks, go for a breathtaking hike, explore mysterious sea caves by kayak, or simply soak up the sun as you watch the island foxes play (just keep an eye on your chips!). While day trips are great, plan to camp overnight if you have the time – the stunning sunsets are not to be missed.”

Ventura's Top Photogs Pick Ventura's Most Photogenic Spots

Image by Andrés Fernandez




Andrés Fernande

Surfer’s Point

“When I was asked to be a part of this blog for my most Instagrammable spot in Ventura, I thought hard about a place I like most, and it was hard to decide. The obvious answer to me at first was the Pier, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that some of my favorite photos have come on this stretch of beach. I’ve always enjoyed how the palm trees compliment the sky at sunset, and finding ways to frame the surfers coming in and out of the water has always been a fun thing for me to do.”

Ventura's Top Photogs Pick Ventura's Most Photogenic Spots

Image by Juan Carillo

Juan Carillo

Summit Drive

My name is Juan Carrillo, I am 18 years old and I’ve been photographing for four years. It wasn’t until last year when I decided to share my work with others. In this picture you are seeing I am shooting it from my favorite spot here in Ventura, Summit Drive. Now you have to go through a fence to get to this spot, yes I’ve been trespassing but I would do anything to get my shots. Why is this my favorite spot you may ask? Well I’m sure for most of us growing up, especially through high school, we’ve had our moments where we’ve been through depression or just dealing with things. For me I would always go to this spot to get away for awhile and get some fresh air. Literally I would have this place all to myself since everyone would go up higher to the cross. Every day after school I would go home, eat and come here with my camera. Photography is my creative outlet, it’s my escape from reality. As I come here to this spot I would sit and wait until sunset while listening to some of my favorite oldies. I would wait and look around, thinking about where to shoot next, or thinking about what shot hasn’t been taken yet. I also think this spot is perfect to see the fireworks from our Fairgrounds.

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