Posted: Tuesday, Jan 23rd, 2024

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6 Thrift Stores to Check Out in Downtown Ventura

Ventura is known for a lot of things — our beautiful beaches, our laid-back attitude, delicious fish tacos, and, of course, that old school California feeling you get as you walk around town in your flip flops. We’re comparatively more affordable than our neighbors up the coast and down the coast which means you can have an unforgettable beach getaway without breaking the bank. And that includes shopping in Ventura! Ventura has plenty of thrift stores where, with a bit of patience and excitement to dig, you can find hidden treasures you never thought you’d find. 

Are you wondering where you can go thrifting in Ventura? Or what are the best thrift stores in Ventura? We’ve got you covered. Get ready to go on a thrifting adventure as we highlight six must-visit thrift stores in Ventura. From vintage finds to modern pieces, thrifting in Ventura has something for everyone.

1. Coalition Thrift Store

Thrifting in Ventura Coalition Thrift Store

Located in the historical block of Downtown Ventura, the Coalition Thrift Store is a huge warehouse style store filled with everything from clothes to toys and pots and pans. Just walking along the aisles you’re bound to find something. Thrifters have been known to find designer clothing —priced appropriately— to smaller collectible items you never thought you’d see again. The Coalition Thrift Store is one of Downtown’s most popular thrift stores for a reason. Whether you’re a seasoned thrifter or a novice explorer, Coalition Thrift Store offers a mix of vintage, bargain, and modern items that are waiting for you. 

2. Buffalo Exchange

Thrifting in Ventura, Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a cornerstone for thrifting in Ventura. Though technically a consignment store where you can sell gently used clothes and items, locals and visitors always stop by Buffalo Exchange while they’re on the hunt for a bargain. Known to be the perfect place to find a trendy outfit for that party you’re going to or cute shoes that magically fit you, this resale store stands out for its curated selection of second-hand clothing, shoes, and accessories. Shopping at Buffalo Exchange is also a great way to shop sustainably. 

3. Goodwill

Thrifting in Ventura, Goodwill

Right in the middle of the thrifting hub of Downtown Ventura is Main Street’s Goodwill. A massive warehouse with aisles and aisles of clothing, you’re bound to find bargains of any type of attire you’re looking for. From dress shirts and jeans to an old point-and-shoot camera and vinyl record to glassware and furniture. 

4. Avenue Thrift, aka Boys and Girls Club of Ventura Thrift Store

Thrifting in Ventura, Boys and Girls Club Thrift Store, Avenue Thrift

Just off of Main Street, head up the Ventura Avenue, or as locals call it the Avenue, to the Boys and Girls Club of Ventura Thrift Store. With some patience and a passion to go on the hunt for a deal, you can find a hidden gem in the aisles of clothing and home goods while thrifting in Ventura. Your purchases at Avenue Thrift also directly support the local Boys and Girls Club in town making it a feel good buy. 

5. C.A.A.N. Thrift Store

Thrifting in Ventura, CAAN Thrift Store

When you shop at a thrift store in Ventura, know you’re often supporting an important cause with your purchases; that is the beauty of Ventura’s local businesses — we are always giving back to our local community. Thrifting at the  C.A.A.N. (Child Abuse and Neglect)Thrift Store is another thrift store in Ventura where you can find a great bargain item and contribute to a vital cause of supporting children in need. You never know what you might find at C.A.A.N. because the staff is always stocking shelves with new fun hidden gems. Make sure to add C.A.A.N. Thrift Store to your must-visit list as you go thrifting in Ventura. 

6. SPARC Second Chance Store

Thrifting in Ventura, SPARC Second Chance Thrift Store

You’re guaranteed to find something each and every time you visit SPARC Second Chance Store. Clean and well organized, you can find things like a vintage jacket to a beautiful mug while you are thrifting in Ventura. Plus, know that your purchase goes directly to a local animal rescue organization! Specializing in unique and bargain clothing, handbags, jewelry, artwork, housewares, crystal, collectibles, books, lamps, and so many other hidden finds, dive into the excitement of finding an unexpected item while also making a positive impact on the community while you visit this thrift store in Ventura.

Plus, Vintage and Antique Shops in Ventura

Antique Shopping in Ventura, Antiques Treasure Hunters

The hunt for hidden treasures certainly doesn’t stop at thrift stores in Ventura. There are a ton of vintage and antique stores in Ventura up and down Main Street like Times Remembered and Antique Treasure Hunters. Don’t miss out on the fun of finding unexpected items while you’re thrifting in Ventura!

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