Cycling trails to explore Ventura on two wheels

cycling Ventura promenade

by David Bender

Are you a savvy cyclist looking for the best paths around Ventura? Look no further. Anyone who has been longing to go for a cycling holiday will quench their thirst here. Beautiful Ventura, California offers terrific trails for bicycle riders in the region. Cycle California Coast offers a variety of accessible bike paths with the most spectacular scenery. Here are a few you might enjoy.

1. The Pacific Coast trail

This class one bike path is found alongside California’s renowned Pacific Coast Highway where you will be bestowed with the most magnificent coastal views. While on this path, you will have the experience of a lifetime with the most stunning physical features like Faria Beach, Seaside Wilderness Park, and Rincon Beach. The path will lead you directly from Ventura to Carpentaria, about 15 miles with bespoke views that will leave you yearning for more.

2. The Ojai Valley bike trail

This trail follows old train tracks parallel to Highway 33. It starts near Foster Park on Ventura’s Westside. The path runs anywhere between 12 to 20 miles with a single canopy of trees along the way. It leads to Libbey Park in Ojai, a beautiful city with more bike-friendly paths, cafes and shops allowing you to quench your thirst while indulging in scrumptious eats. After you are full to your fill, you can embark on a journey home feeling relaxed.

3. The Oxnard bike trail

This popular trail begins on Harbor Blvd and ends at Oxnard Beach Park where you will be able to find even more bike trails. The routes that are used by bikers of all levels connect Ventura to the beautiful surrounding cities. The path from San Buenaventura State Beach to Oxnard is around 14 miles round trip. In case you decide to pitch a tent in Ventura, you are well catered for as there are a number of multiple biking routes to keep you occupied.

For more on cycling in the region including a list of bicycle-friendly businesses along your path, visit Cycle California Coast.