Posted: Thursday, Apr 2nd, 2020

By Visit Ventura

California health officials recommend everyone wear cloth masks

by Visit Ventura

California Health Officials Recommend Everyone Wear Cloth Masks For the Good of Us All

There has been a lot of confusion about face masks. No more. On April 2, California’s public health officials released new guidelines. Here’s what you need to know, simple and sweet… Health officials are asking all of us to wear cloth face masks when we are out in public. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agrees with that recommendation. Why? “Wearing a cloth face-covering could provide some additional benefit by acting as a reminder for other people to keep their distance, and it could help reduce the spread of infectious particles from those who could be infected but don’t have symptoms,” said Dr. Sonia Angell, Director of the California Department of Public Health and State Health Officer. Please do not purchase N-95 or surgical masks. Health care workers and first responders need these essential masks on the front lines — and there’s a severe shortage. The cloth face masks are a supplement — not a replacement — to the same advice we’ve been hearing. The best defenses against COVID-19 continue to be: Staying at home and physical distancing (six feet apart) Washing your hands frequently Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands Avoiding being around sick people How are California public health officials defining cloth face coverings? They cover the nose and mouth. They can be made of cotton, silk or linen. They don’t have to be anything fancy. You can make them yourself. They can even be makeshift; anything from scarves, to T-shirts, sweatshirts, and towels. When should you wear them? Whenever you are out in public. How should you clean them? Ideally, you should wash them after every use (so it’s smart to have several on hand), or at least daily. After you’ve used the mask, put it in a bag or a bin separate from your other clothes. Launder them in hot water and dry them on the hot cycle. If you have to re-wear your cloth face mask before you get the chance to wash it, please wash your hands immediately after putting it back on and avoid touching your face. For more information please click here. A few last notes of humanity… No, this is not a mandate or law. It is simply a heartfelt request, based on the latest science, asking us to do what is best for everyone. Wearing a mask when we go outside is another way to beat this. Working together, we will beat this.

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