Posted: Friday, Nov 4th, 2016

By Visit Ventura

Best Date Locations in Ventura

by Elizabeth Silva

Ventura has a variety of amazing date locations. Whether you want a super romantic date, a low-key romantic date, or something in the middle, you will be able to find the ideal date location.

Discovery Ventura

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If you are in the mood of a fun and sophisticated date, Discovery Ventura is the perfect date location. You and your date can have a playful bowling competition and then have a delicious lunch or dinner under romantic dim lights while listening to amazing live music. Afterwards, you can wrap up your date night, with lively swing dancing.

Rubicon Theater Ventura

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Rubicon Theater Ventura is a lovely date spot for theater lovers. If you want to impress your date with your classiness, show your appreciation for your date’s love of theater or simply want to go somewhere that showcases complete talent, this is the place to go.  You and your date can enjoy the marvelous live plays of the skilled actors, directors and stage staff. Also, this is a good opportunity for you and your significant other to hold hands, especially in the emotional moments of the play.

Walk to the Beach & Pier

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Ventura would not be Ventura without the beautiful beach and pier. You can walk to the beach and pier alongside your date while having great conversations and laughing together. Then, you can have a delicious meal at Beach House Fish Tacos or The Jolly Oyster. If you walk later in the day, you can enjoy the phenomenal sunset, which is super romantic.

Botanical Trails

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Have a date at the Botanical Trails! You can enjoy a lovely hike and then see  the beauty of Ventura while watching the sunset. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said: “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” So you and your beloved can look into the exquisite beauty of Ventura and the sunset and feel great for hiking and accomplishing something together.

Movie Theater & Dinner

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Take your date to the movies and then to dinner. It will be a great ice-breaker to discuss the movie and then the conversation will flow. You can go to many restaurants such as Brophy Bros. Restaurant & Clam Bar, Spencer’s or at awesome food trucks were you can enjoy a meal and bring your own wine.

Spasso Cucina Italiana

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This is an authentic Italian restaurant. You will feel like you are having dinner at someone’s house. The classic pizzas, pastas and desserts are phenomenal.

Ventura Improv Company

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This is the perfect if you want to have an unconventional, extraordinary date. You and your date will be able to bond over the power of comedy and creativity. It will surely be something memorable.


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This is ideal if you want to have a study date or a date where you can have intellectual and meaningful conversations. Enjoy a warm coffee and scrumptious pastries while discussing the things that matter.

The Majestic Ventura Theater

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The Majestic Ventura Theater is a great date night place. You and your significant other can enjoy great live music. The concerts are awesome and lively. They offer many events with a variety of music genres from rock to the blues to pop.

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