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All you need to know about the Amgen Tour of California 2018

What is the Amgen Tour of California?

Amgen Tour of California is America’s largest road cycling race in which the world’s top professional cycling teams compete along a demanding course that traverses the state of California. For the first time in 2017, the men’s and women’s events became part of the UCI WorldTour, a privilege and designation reserved for the world’s premier races. All you need to know about the Amgen Tour of California 2018

Can I volunteer?

The Stage Two Start in Ventura offers lots of volunteer opportunities. Sign up here!

What is the UCI WorldTour?

UCI WorldTour events are top-level races for professional cyclists. They form a series, with riders competing for the overall title as well as individual wins.

Why is it called Amgen Tour of California?

The race is named after its main sponsor, Amgen, as well as after the Tour de France, the style of race on which it is based.

When did Amgen Tour of California first start?

The first Amgen Tour of California took place in 2006 and has taken place each year since.

Where does Amgen Tour of California take place?

Amgen Tour of California is made up of seven stages that cover 550+ miles in seven days along California’s iconic roadways, highways, and coastlines. This year, the race will begin at Huntington Beach and Ventura will host the Stage Two Start that will end at the top of Gibraltar Road in Santa Barbara.

When does Amgen Tour of California take place?

Amgen Tour of California takes place each spring. This year, the race takes place from May 13-19, 2018. Stage Two will take place from Ventura to Santa Barbara on May 14, 2018.

Who rides the Amgen Tour of California?

Professional cycling teams compete in Amgen Tour of California. The teams chosen to participate in Amgen Tour of California have included Olympic medalists, Tour de France contenders, and World Champions.

What is a peloton?

A peloton is a name for a group of cyclists.

Which cities in California are hosting the Amgen Tour of California this year?

The seven-stage race will feature the following cities in order of participation: Long Beach, Ventura, Santa Barbara, King City, Laguna Seca, San Jose, Stockton, Elk Grove, Folsom, South Lake Tahoe, and Sacramento. The full race schedule is available at

What is the route for the Amgen Tour of California this year?

2018 Amgen Tour of California Route

What defines a “Stage” in the Amgen Tour of California?

Stages represent one day of riding in the tour and occur on a route between two California host cities. Each stage is a different length and cover different types of terrain. Men and women take different routes on different days and therefore have different Stages.

What are the dates for Amgen Tour of California 2018? Start and finish? Each Stage?

Sun., May 13      Stage 1 Long Beach Mon., May 14     Stage 2 Ventura to Santa Barbara County (Gibraltar Road) Tues., May 15    Stage 3 King City to Monterey County (Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca) Wed., May 16     Stage 4 San Jose (Time Trial) Thurs., May 17   Stage 5 Stockton to Elk Grove | Women’s Stage 1 Elk Grove Fri., May 18        Stage 6 Folsom to South Lake Tahoe | Women’s Stage 2 South Lake Tahoe Sat., May 19       Stage 7 Sacramento | Women’s Stage 3 Sacramento

What is the best way to follow the tour?

For quick access on your phone, download the official Amgen Tour of California Tour Tracker APP. For Twitter use #AToC and @AToC to track tour news. You can also catch sections of the race via the official Amgen Tour of California website Tour Tracker and the official Amgen Tour of California YouTube. You can watch at home on your local NBCSN (times pending and subject to change).

Where are the best places to watch the tour?

Start and finish cheer sections are the best places to watch the tour though if you want to watch more of the ride, places, where there are turns, are best since the cyclists will likely reduce their speed to make the turn.

What stage of Amgen Tour of California is Ventura hosting?

Ventura will host the start of Amgen Tour of California 2018 Stage Two.

When will Amgen Tour of California be in Ventura?

Stage Two of Amgen Tour of California 2018 will start on Monday, May 14, 2018.

Where can I see the Amgen Tour of California in Ventura?

Unless you’re an avid fan looking into the VIP experience, cycling tours are traditionally cost-free to view. Follow directions along the Stage route and set up to watch the cyclists ride by. Consider walking or biking to the event yourself to make your participation more sustainable. The Start location will likely be the most popular cheer spot. Turns along the route are also good spots to watch.

What are traditional ways of cheering on cyclists?

A parallel race, the Tour de France, is known for its intense fanbase. While it’s not appropriate to block or attempt to touch or knock over the cyclists, shouts of encouragement or praise and holding up signs or flags are all common practices. Many cyclists, who push hard each racing day, appreciate encouraging fan participation. Be prepared for your favorite peloton to pass by very quickly, and difficulty catching sight of individual favorite riders, especially if you are viewing the race on a flat leg of the route.

What route will Amgen Tour of California cyclists follow in Ventura?

2018 Amgen Tour of California Stage Two Route

How can I find out about individual cyclists and teams?

The Amgen Tour of California press release tracks daily race leaders and cyclists to watch. And their media resources tally the daily results and quotes for both men’s and women’s races at each stage.

How will I be able to identify teams and individual cyclists while they’re racing?

Each cyclist will be identifiable by a large number on the back of their shirt. Rosters for men will show you how each racer is enumerated. For 2017, women did not have a corresponding roster available on the Amgen Tour of California website. Teams can be identified by the color and pattern of their jerseys. A visual key to teams, their individual members, and pictures of what they will be wearing can be found here for women and here for men. Both men and women will be awarded daily with special jerseys for outstanding achievements. A guide to the winners, jerseys, and what the award represents can be found here. You can check in on the daily status of the riders on Amgen Tour of California’s press release.

Where will Stage Two of Amgen Tour of California start in Ventura?

Stage Two will start at the Ventura Pier on Monday, May 14th, 2018.

How widespread is the coverage of this event?

Coverage for the event is worldwide. In the US, television coverage can be accessed through the national sports outlet, NBCSN.

What countries will be represented?

Cyclists come from all over the world, including California, and teams are usually composed of cyclists from different nationalities. The 2017 winner was a New Zealander, George Bennett. His team had members from the US, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Belgium.

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